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"C.R.B.W.C." : the Classic Rock Bands World Cup!

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Posted May 17, '12 at 6:56pm



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Well, I've got more than a feeling as to who ought to win this round. I've listened to Boston my entire life, and my appreciation to their music extends to far more songs than ZZ Top does.


Posted May 17, '12 at 11:39pm



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ZZ Top has absolutely the WORST stage pressence i have ever seen out of every artist ever haha. they just stand there. its no different then just listening to them on the album. there is no visual, just their beards.

boston gets my vote


Posted May 18, '12 at 12:33am



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Boston does have a few great songs, my favorite being "Cool The Engines", but their songs do have a tendency to run together, and I usually can't tell right away which song it is when one starts playing. Not to mention that they have a very similar sound to Foreigner, which makes it even more difficult to tell which song it is.

I also think "Amanda" is one of the most boring love songs out there.

ZZ Top, on the other hand, has an unmistakable sound, and their catchy tunes can easily be distinguished from one another within the first few seconds of the song. Especially in the 80's, when they used more effects to enhance their sound.


Posted May 18, '12 at 3:06pm



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ZZ Top is one of a kind. I'm not just saying that because they have wicked beards, their combination of music and lyrics is like no other. Boston is a bit frozen in time, but ZZ Top will always remain timeless.


Posted May 18, '12 at 5:58pm



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I think it'll have to be ZZ Top for this one. I approve of the bluesy sound in ZZ Top, and I like it better than the hard rock of Boston. Not that Boston doesn't deserve props for "More Than a Feeling".


Posted May 18, '12 at 11:19pm



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My vote this round goes to ZZ Top, because... well, I find it very difficult to get up and dance to a Boston song! xD

And the beards! How can you dislike the beards (Frank included)?!?


Posted May 19, '12 at 12:20am



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Really DayCee? Must you keep doing this to me?

Well, I hate to do it. But ZZ Top gets my vote. This was another hard choice for me. But, I still cast my vote for ZZ Top, basically for all the same reasons as I said before.

I don't quite remember what they were but somewhere along the lines of great beards and more mt genre of rock. Great bass and drum playing are also in there somewhere.

So, my vote goes to ZZ Top


Posted May 19, '12 at 2:28pm



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Boston looks like it's fixen to hit the water with a sick "belly flop"?

@ DayC, thanks for the cookie!

It's my birthday today and I'm thinking I'll bake a pan of brownies instead of the traditional cake. No, not THOSE (Pink Floyd) brownines, rofl.


Posted May 21, '12 at 5:32pm



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And again... I stand corrected completely as Boston has to aknowledge their demise against the bearded texan rockers in this last 1/4 Final! =0

So, to round things up, here's the last score count for the last 1/4 Final!

Final score count for 1/4 Final # IV :


2 - BOSTON - Eliminated...

Surprise... surprise... here's a new round in the competition! The first of the 1/2 Finals! Presenting...

As usual... for those who have difficulty choosing, here's all the band info you need!

# LED ZEPPELIN : Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Whole Lotta Love (1969), Immigrant Song (1970), Stairway To Heaven (1971).

# PINK FLOYD : Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Money (1973), Another Brick In The Wall - Original (1979), Comfortably Numb - Live @ Earls Court London (1980).

Let's see who will win this one people...

On your marks... get set... ready... eddie... steady... VOTE!!! =D


Posted May 21, '12 at 5:53pm



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This one is tricky. Because both bands are great in that they are creative, talented and have their own distinctive sound. I know LZ better but got to know PF betterin their last battle and they positively surprised me...

Still gotta vote for Led Zeppelin though. They have more rock'n'roll elements in many of their songs, which are more, um, exciting (bad adjective, but couldn't think of another). They also have beautiful ballads like Stairways To Heaven. And lastly I also like their more flowing songs like Kashmir, with a steady flow and rhythm. It carreis you with it, sort of...

And I've never been too much of a lyrics guy, which would probably have been a point rather for Pink Floyd.