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"C.R.B.W.C." : the Classic Rock Bands World Cup!

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Posted May 31, '12 at 4:35pm



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I have to vote for ZZ Top. They're more original and they play a better stlye of music


Posted May 31, '12 at 10:04pm



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I should sit out this thread in protest of Pink Floyd losing to, well, anybody. But due to my undying commitment to all threads DayCee... on to the vote.

My vote is for ZZ Top. I love love love both bands, but Van Hagar kind of gets monotonous, and Van Charone was just an abomination while ZZ Top never made that type of mistake. Plus, if you're going to kick my beloved Pink Floyd out of the thread, then I'll have to ride my Blues-Rock ZZ "To The" Top.

Vote - ZZ Top


Posted Jun 1, '12 at 1:25am



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I vote ZZ Top for this amazing rock and roll groove. I love "La Grange" epic song. Nice style with their beards.
And I'm not a great fan of Van Halen, they does basic rock.


Posted Jun 1, '12 at 1:27am



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I vote ZZ top for:
- great rock and roll groove
- "La Grange" one of my favorite song
- their beards!!

And because I don't like Van Halen a lot...


Posted Jun 1, '12 at 11:34am



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@Mav I feel ya.

I guess I will go with Van Halen. While I agree that ZZ Top is more original I don't really like their sound. Van Halen I wouldn't say I love, they are just better. So Van Halen because I like there tone more.

*Side Note: I will be honest. I don't really like either that much.


Posted Jun 1, '12 at 3:02pm



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Van Halen s ok, but ZZ Top has good song, bluesy and a nice look.


Posted Jun 1, '12 at 8:44pm



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ZZ Top because the bluesiness of their sound is something I approve of.


Posted Jun 2, '12 at 3:54am



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Oh my... oh my... suddenly, people who voted for Van Halen have abandoned them and switch sides to ZZ Top?! Never saw that one coming... (o.O)

I -for one- will stick to being true to my choice and vote for Van Halen once more! You cannot forget the DLR era of Van Halen, it's a massive historical footprint on the genre of Rock music! And I have to debunk the 'Van Hagar' hating going on here... Sammy is what Van Halen needed at the time: a fresh new start with an energetic boost coming from that awesome screamer's mouth! To all the people who made the mistake of leaving Van Halen behind to 'Roth'... they will prevail! Van Hail! =D

Score count so far shows us :

Score count for 1/2 Final # 2 :

6 - ZZ TOP

So the bearded men have taken the lead over Van Halen in this 2nd 1/2 Final of the CRBWC! Who would have thought ZZ Top would make it this far into the competition when they were eliminated early on into the previous edition!?! Times they are a changing I guess... =0

Let's see if Van Halen makes it back alongside of ZZ Top or whether it's a too large a gap to close!

Keep them votes coming people!! =D


Posted Jun 3, '12 at 11:50am



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I'm disappointed in all of you.

My vote goes to Van Halen.

Although I love ZZ Top as well, Van Halen is close to the top of my list with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

The two bands are extremely hard to compare because both were great bands of their time, but played totally different music.

But of course, me being a metalhead, I enjoy more of the "early metal" sound of Van Halen over the blues/country sound of ZZ Top, as I for one, despise country with a flaming passion.

In case you all didn't know, but DayCee does, Eddie is at the top of my list for guitarists. Not only is Eruption one of the best guitar solos ever, but Eddie is just much greater than any other guitarist on the planet, in my opinion.

Also, Van Halen progressed and evolved so much with society's needs, with finding a new lead singer.

Van Halen gets my vote.

P.S. Sorry I had to cut that last part short I'm getting busy.


Posted Jun 3, '12 at 2:49pm



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This is the toughest battle I've ever had to vote in.

I consider Van Halen to be the greatest "hair metal" band of all-time. When it comes to hair metal vs. not hair metal, since it is one of my favorite musical genres, I'm almost always going to go with hair metal.

ZZ Top, on the other hand, has an unmistakable sound, and their catchy tunes can easily be distinguished from one another within the first few seconds of the song. Especially in the 80's, when they used more effects to enhance their sound.

Very tough call, but Van Halen wins by a hair, and not a long one that could be found in any of the group members' hair (or in ZZ Top's beards).

ZZ Top has some great guitar solos, but Van Halen's are short and sweet and don't last for half the song. Both groups have very distinct sounds, but I happen to prefer Van Halen's by a very slim margin. Their sound has a perfect hardness to it; not too soft nor too overwhelming for hair metal. I love ZZ Top's bluesy-80's-rock sound as well, but for me Van Halen's perfect hair metal sound is preferable.

As I said in my previous comment that helped Van Halen defeat the Eagles, "When it comes to hair metal vs. not hair metal...I'm almost always going to go with hair metal."