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"C.R.B.W.C." : the Classic Rock Bands World Cup!

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Posted Jun 11, '12 at 12:39pm



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Van Halen is a great band and listening to them doesn't require an endless amount of patience. They are definitely one of the best rock groups from the 80's.

Pink Floyd could have great music if only they knew how to make it worth listening to.


Posted Jun 11, '12 at 12:44pm



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No question nor doubt...


Way more creative, talented and original. This doesn't mean that Van Halen sounds bad or boring, hell no. But in this battle Pink Floyd is simply so much more supreme than them.

Ahm... Queen was eliminated a long time ago my friend... LOL =P

*sigh* I know, I didn't mean the band Queen by that image (as I explained to wajor), although I guess this thread isn't a good choice for posting such an image...

Posted Jun 11, '12 at 1:15pm



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I never really liked Van halen. They're too poppy, but I've never really liked too much of pink floyd either. It's music to get high to. I don't do drugs, so I never listen to it. But, on the count of Pink Floyd being unique, and Van Halen being pretty main stream, I'm going to pink floyd.


Posted Jun 11, '12 at 2:07pm



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Wait... but both bands lost... o_O

This is the reasoning for my vote a few rounds ago for Van Halen:

My vote this round shall go to Van Halen! David's powerful voice combined with Eddie's guitar work is an unstoppable amalgam in the rock world! Eddie is also a great keyboardist!

It still applies, and I think Van Halen has the better sound out of the two competing bands!

Also I don't feel like restating myself for the third time in 10 pages... xP

Posted Jun 11, '12 at 6:54pm



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Is this a joke? Pink Floyd. They have done so much more for music. Incredible lyrics/voice, psychedelically guitar and nice bass.


Posted Jun 11, '12 at 7:35pm



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I have a general rule for deciding battles like these.

Hair metal > not hair metal.

In the future, I would advise against battles like these, considering that both contestants have been in multiple battles already within the past 15 pages and, as Skeleton_Pilot said, everyone would just be restating recent points.


Posted Jun 11, '12 at 9:33pm



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I'm a headbanger, not a stoner. I just can't listen to Pink Floyd and enjoy it, but Van Halen has power behind their sound.
Is that elaborative enough?


Posted Jun 12, '12 at 2:55am



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No doubt Pink Floyd, the greatest psychedelic rock band in music history, and the second next best thing to come out of England, the first being the EPL.

Their songs, the sounds, the rhythms are all timeless, solid and sound. Compelling.


Posted Jun 12, '12 at 8:17am



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Pink Floyd in an epic landslide. Do I need to reiterate my reasoning? Probably.. Pink Floyd gets my vote every time any time unless you're gonna put them against Blues artists. I love Eddie's guitar, but Gilmour's is way way better. And everything else pales in comparison in Pink Floyd's favor.

No brainer vote - Pink Floyd.


Posted Jun 12, '12 at 11:53am



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Unfortunately I have to kick one of my favorite bands here So, I vote for Pink Floyd.

I'm a headbanger, not a stoner. I just can't listen to Pink Floyd and enjoy it, but Van Halen has power behind their sound.

I too am a headbanger/metalhead, but I still quite enjoy the sound of Pink Floyd, considering they're my 2nd favorite band on the planet (first being Led Zeppelin).

I also don't do drugs but I still like the psychedelic sound that Pink Floyd puts out there.

This was an extremely hard choice because Van Halen is my 3rd favorite band.

Both bands are so different and hard to compare. But, Pink Floyd tops Van Halen in their talent and commitment.

Van Halen is just as talented as Pink Floyd although, Pink Floyd is a much more tightly knit group and they adapted to what society was wanting from music better than Van Halen had.

I love Eddie's guitar, but Gilmour's is way way better.

I have to disagree here, Eddie is my favorite guitarist ever. Even though I'm voting for Pink Floyd, Eddie's is a much better guitarist than Gilmour.

So, in the end, I had to choose Pink Floyd over Van Halen.

Darn you DayCee and your despicable ways of making me choose between my favorite bands!