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"C.R.B.W.C." : the Classic Rock Bands World Cup!

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Posted Mar 30, '11 at 6:47am



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1st Pick - Queen I have to choose Queen because of their songs 'We Will Rock You!', 'We Are the Champions'.

2nd Pick - The Beatles The Beatles are second because I don't like how they sing, but the songs are the best ever and I listen to them once in a while


Posted Mar 30, '11 at 12:42pm



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I go for Beatles as my first pick. They're the most popular . . . so what? They're the most influential and the most varied (even moreso than Queen) and one of the main driving forces behind originality and the establishment of ALL of rock - it started in the 50s and then it blew up.

Second pick . . . Doors. They had a really neat, off-the-wall style with Morrison's fantastic voice and all of the keyboard layers and everything - definitely an oddball.


Posted Mar 30, '11 at 1:08pm



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My first pick is Queen, I really like their songs and they have inspired so many other musicians as well.

For second I would have to go for the Doors. I like their style and a lot of their songs.


Posted Mar 30, '11 at 4:00pm



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Im surprized the rolling stones
arent doing to good.
I thought they were a pretty big
band,second only to the Beatles.


Posted Mar 30, '11 at 5:31pm



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Nice to see so many voters turn up just before closure! A big thanx to all of you for stating your votes, which made sure we have reached the limit before the closure time of this group! =)

And while it was a coin toss between two bands in particular right up to the end, I'm proud to announce we have... A WINNER!!! =D

After counting all the votes with the new system (which has proven it's worth!) the final score for Group A shows :

Votes counted Group A:

Beatles_______: 31 (8 x First / 7 x Second) WINNER!
Queen_______ : 30 (8 x First / 6 x Second) Runner up!

The Doors____ : 12 (3 x First / 3 x Second)
Jimi Hendrix___ : 7 (2 x First / 1 x Second)
Rolling Stones_ : 2 (0 x First / 2 x Second)
C.C.R._______ : 2 (0 x First / 2 x Second)
Golden Earring : 0 (0 x First / 0 x Second)

Directed at AG moderators:
I will be preparing the second group for opening right now, but it's a lot of data in one post, so I'm sorry for the double posting... =/


Posted Mar 30, '11 at 5:38pm



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So, it's already time (man, time flies when you're having fun) for the second group, which will be consisting of the heavier bands in the genre of rock music! To me personally also known as "Big Mouthed Rock"!! Heheh... =P

Here we go, presenting :

Featured contestants and info (in random order):

# Ozzy Ozbourne Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Crazy Train (1980), Bark At The Moon (1983), No More Tears (1991).

# Motorhead Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Motorhead (1977), Ace Of Spades (1980), Iron Fist (1982).

# AC/DC Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Whole Lotta Rosie (1977), Back In Black (1981), Thunderstruck (1990).

# Aerosmith Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Sweet Emotion (1977), Love In An Elevator (1989), Eat The Rich (1994).

# Guns 'n Roses Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Welcome To The Jungle (1987), Sweet Child O' Mine (1988), November Rain (1992).

# Meat Loaf Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Paradise By The Dashboard Light (1978), Bat Out Of Hell (1979), I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (1993).

# Rose Tattoo Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw (1978), Bad Boy For Love (1981), Scarred For Life (1982).

And again the by now known words, people...

On your marks... get set... ready... eddie... steady... VOTE!!! =D


Posted Mar 30, '11 at 5:43pm



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Alright, a new battle!

My first vote goes to Aerosmith. Steven Tyler is one of my favorite rock singers, and Joe Perry a very good guitarist. I love their songs like "Eat the Rich", "Draw the Line", and "Toys in the Attic". Overall, a great band.
My second vote is a bit harder to decide, but I'm going with Guns N' Roses. The sound of this groups songs I like better than those of the other bands left to choose from in this pool. Slash is an amazing guitarist, and Axl has a very distinct voice from really any other Rock singer (though he is a headcase).


Posted Mar 30, '11 at 6:20pm



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I'mmmmmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack again!I went inactive and now I'm back just for this tournament.

My first pick is Aerosmith.Steven Tyler is one of the best fock singers ever, Joe Perry is great and a lot of classics have come from this group.

My second pick is AC/DC.Another classic band that has a great rocker(forgot his name),but great band,


Posted Mar 30, '11 at 6:24pm



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My first choice has to be Aerosmith. They have some great songs that make you wanna move!

Second is Guns 'n Roses. Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child 'o Mine are two awesome classics


Posted Mar 30, '11 at 6:41pm



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interesting group...

for my first vote i will vote for ozzy. ozzy in him self has influencede music then any heavy metal outfit there is. let along all that hes done with black sabbath.

my second vote shall go to aerosmith. im honestly not a huge aerosmith fan but i think they are the most classic rock then ANY of these other bands.