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I think that we should have an AP Store that we can buy stuff from with our AP.
I think the stuff we should have there should be stuff like things to decorate or page and those pictures we have by our name so we don't have to get a lot of AP to get them.
This is the first time I've done this so I don't really know if I wrote about what we are supposed to write about. Sorry if I didn't do it correctly!
Well, if you like my idea, want to know more about it, don't like it, or if I did it incorrectly just go to my page and leave me a comment and I will answer back on your page or mine. If I do it on mine you'll have to check back every once and a while so you can see.
Even if I did this wrong and we are supposed to write about something else I hope you like it anyway. Bye!

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We've discussed this in the past, and Dan has said he doesn't want Armor Points to become some sort of currency.

Besides that, the notion of Armor Points is changing drastically in AG3.

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