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In 2007 27 teenagers were stabbed to death in London alone and in the first 10 weeks of 2008 another 9 fatal stabbings occured. 48 people were shot dead in London in 2007.

These are statistics from just the past two years however you can see how serious an issue it is. As a teenager who lives in London it distresses me that i cannot go outside to play football anymore without being in fear of getting 'shanked' or 'lugged'. Recently someone was stabbed and killed at the trainstation 5 mins from my house. The question is what is the root of the problem and how can we fix it.

Is it the gangs?(black, white, polish?)
Is it poor policing
Is it the estates having a poor environment?
Post your opinion

(Anyone can comment not just Londeners as it is also a global issue. Americans have similar problems in their inner cities)

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