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After you buy the medal button, you can get medals.
there are 12 medals, and they're easy to get.
here's how;

20 percent of all upgrades! - get 20 % of all upgrades
40 percent of all upgrades! - get 40 % of all upgrades
60 percent of all upgrades! - get 60 % of all upgrades
80 percent of all upgrades! - get 80 % of all upgrades
Upgrade complete! - get all upgrades
Totally expecting it - In upgrades menu, buy heart rate ( NOTE : It's totally effective!)
Lagtastic! - make your game lag (I did it by using 3D and Indie ON ingame)
750 kills - destroy 750 ships
1000 kills - destroy 1000 ships
Real estate - Buy every grid
Champion - complete the game
Totally worth it - after buying premium and upgrading it's price to free, click "give it!" and wait till the end of the commentary on the sheep

That's all!
Hope you enjoy the game!

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I can get a whole ton of lag but not the lagtastic medal... WHY!?!?!?!?

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