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why are we still here on earth

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Posted May 7, '08 at 4:39pm



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To get on with our lives and try make something of it


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Why are we on earth?
And why on earth are we here? What are we doing here? What purpose do we have? No one has figured it out, or have we? Maybe you also wondered why are we on earth. Are we needed here? What if the world ended? Why are there other planets? What is the meaning of life? What happens after death?

What uses have all these questions?
Their answers have plagued philosophers for hundreds and hundreds of years. They have offered a plethora of answers ranging from "Our purpose is to serve our God and each other" to "Our purpose is to create and produce" to "There is no purpose at all." Could it be that the answer is as simple as "to love"? Plato seems to think so: âOur purpose is to learn in the madness of love.â

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Thiers really no where else to go,if thats what you mean,but in the futer it would be cool if they built colonys on the moon.


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Why is this topic here? Killer, you made this topic not too long ago (minus the word still) right here:

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