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A Young Pack's Epic Ambition

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So yeah if anyone has a better title suggestion, please share, I'm kind of name-dead!

Anyways, I'm creating a story with inspiration from Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Avatar (Pandora one), and my imagination!

Oh yes, I have the Golden Approval of Magistrate Cen to create this second thread of mine for this story!

Now, without further a due, let's get the ball rollin'!


Supa, a strong and slender Wolf Clan boy, is different from the rest: he can understand the animals, and can communicate with canines, especially the wolves.
Supa's mother died a while after his birth, and his father, well, he was hunted down by two of the Devourers.

Wolf has been Supa's pack-brother since High Tailless saved Wolf from the wrath of an opposing pack when Wolf was a cub, and the female Tailless' pack-brother since Supa and Wolf have met her.

Moon, an excellent hunter, and the Hawk Mage's apprentice, is both Wolf's and Supa's pack-sister. Although Moon can't communicate with Wolf on the same level as Supa, Moon knows Wolf just as well as Supa.
Moon's father is the leader of their Clan, the Hawk clan. The Hawks adopted Supa and have raised him since his father's assassination, and Moon's father, Simus, has treated Supa as one of his own children.


With one Devourer ended by a Killer Whale, the others are surely unhappy. No telling what Supa's uncle, the ill-fated Devourer, told his comrades before his life was claimed... He could of told them that Cyrus' son has lived. That his nephew is alive, and strong... Could have told them that he is a great threat...

So many coulds, but only one a few certainties: Supa's father was once a Devourer, his Father's brother was also a Devourer, and the remaining Devourers would love to end his puny life...
What hurt the most was the fact that his own father, the best person in his eyes, was once a part of them. Once was a part of the demonic group whose goal was to control the world.

Simus says that his father was a part of them when they were merely a group of clan Mages whose intention were to heal the sick. It makes sense, that is his father's character, but it still hurt inside.


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Wolf woke up with a start; something is lurking in the trees. He walks past the Bright Beast and stops abruptly, the fur on his neck raised. He sensed something strong, some kind of hunter he has never seen before.

Wolf, growling at the threat, backs up to High Tailless and the female Tailless . Pack-brother wake up! Wolf whimpers Strange Threat.

The shadowy figure raced through the trees, extinguishing the Bright Beast, and leaving a lingering blanket of frigid air.

High Tailless jumps up and shook the female awake. The female wearily stands up and questions High Tailless. High Tailless shakes his head, What is it Wolf?

Strange hunter in the trees! High Tailless throws the female her Bent Sharp Claw Flinger, tells the female something in Tailless talk, the worry in his voice scared Wolf, grabs his own, and wakes up the Bright Beast. Neither High Tailless or the female settled back down, and Wolf decided to go hunting.

Wolf chased many rabbits from their holes and scared many sleeping birds when he felt the cool air turn icy. Wolf whimpered and ran back to High Tailless, and the Strange Hunter approached them. Wolf could hear the the Hunter stagger, could smell carrion, so wrong that even he lost his appetite, and could hear bubbling slime dripping from his flesh. For the first time since he was a cub, Wolf was actually afraid; afraid for him, afraid for pack-brother and sister.


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"My god!" Moon muttered under her breath. The creature's appearance so horrid it doesn't deserve the compliment of "being". For on his face were giant ooze-filled blisters, oozing their yellow-green substance down his face. It's mouth was foaming, dripping saliva, staining the Forest with it's sickly yellow coloring. His right armed was severed at the wrist, blood stained his flesh. The left arm too, had the sores oozing their strange substance.

Wolf whined and Supa asked, "What are you?!" voice shaking with utter fear. The only reply they got was a ghostly moan and a stagger towards them, arms opened wide. The trio stumbled backwards, arrows notched, bows aimed.

Supa dropped his bow and grabbed his father knife from it's sheath. For at point-blank range, a bow wouldn't be very effective. Moon follows suit, pulling her axe from her belt, hefting it in her hands. The creature lashed out at them, a blade suddenly in his left hand. Moon threw herself out of his reach, and Supa thrust his knife into his side. Wolf joined the action and body slammed the creature to the ground, both loosening Supa knife from his grip, and sending the creatures blade into the air.

It let out a sickly yelp and knocked Wolf off of him with his elbow. Wolf went crashing into a Willow tree, and Supa ran to Wolfs side, cradling him in his arms. The creature sent himself at the two of them, and Moon loosed an arrow from her bow, embedding itself into the thing's face. It fell over on top of Supa and Wolf and Supa pushed it off him in disgust.

Chests heaving, the three of them stood over the limp body, staring at it. Supa yanked his father's knife from it's side, and Moon put her bow away. "It didn't deserve to be stabbed with such a grand knife." Supa whispered, wiping the knife with a cloth. His father's knife was so beautiful with it's leaf-shaped blade made out of blue-green sea slate, hilt made from reindeer horn.

"Yeah, such a vile creature indeed. Great Spirit! Supa, look at the mark on his forehead!" Moon shrieked, backing away in horror. Sure enough, right in the center of it's forehead lay the mark of the Devourers; a three-pronged spear with a circle.

"My god! Moon, we need to leave, NOW!" Supa yelped, whirling around.


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"I- I think we've ran far enough!" Moon gasped.

"Yeah, I think so too." Supa replied, gulping for air. It was now almost sunrise, the fog lifting from the trees. Birds chirping over head, and the quite trickle of a stream nearby was the only noise besides their heavy breathing. "The birds are chirping, they wouldn't be if they felt threatened." Supa added, wiping the sweat off his brow.

"You're right. We are safe, and hungry" Moon moaned. As if on command, a roebuck popped out into the clearing they were resting in. Supa raised his bow, and Moon knelt down, she too, taking aim. They waited patiently until the buck came to the stream for a drink. Then, they let their arrows loose. The roebuck ran, dodging their arrows, but Wolf took off, and brought the buck down.

"What would we do without you Wolf!" Moon exclaimed, a smile slowly curling up her lips. Moon cut a leg off and threw it Wolf, who devoured it in a matter of seconds. She then cut off some meat for Supa herself while Supa wakened a fire.

They didn't waste a thing: the bones would be used needles for crafting, and for arrowheads should they run out. The hide they would use to hold water from the stream. Moon bind the hind into a pouch and Supa went off to the stream to fill it, and their other water skins.

They set off and walked for hours, until they reached the next valley. It was almost sundown and they settled down for the night. Moon gathered firewood and started a fire while Supa pulled out their sleeping sacks and polished his father's knife. "It truly is a beauty Supa, I wish I had such a grand knife."

"You're bow is far more grand then mine though. You know that." She did know. Her father crafted it out of the finest yew just for her. Simus also crafted her extraordinary quiver and her opal arm guard.

Wolf was getting bored, it was obvious they were tired and didn't want to play with him right now. He went on one of his usual night hunting trips. Wolf loved the dark, he could see in it almost as well he could when the Bright Ball is in the Up. Wold loved the cool night air, loved hearing all the sounds in the forest. Most of all, Wolf loved to howl at the moon.

Piercing Wolf's thoughts were the howls of a different pack. If this is there territory, then High Tailless, the female, and he are in trouble. Wolf hoped they didn't smell him, but oh, did they ever. They came running through the threes, circling him. What are you doing on our land?The pack-leader snarled at Wolf. Answer me Lone-Wolf! That hit Wolf hard, Wolf was no Lone-Wolf, he had a pack-brother and a pack-sister!

I'm no Lone Wolf! Wolf growled back. He sounded braver than he felt. Wolf lowered his tail just below the height of the pack leader's, and whimpered a soft apology in a sign of respect. Wolf shouldn't anger the pack, they might not like that.

The pack leader sniffed Wolf. This was it, this was where he decided weather to let Wolf live or die. His eyes showed signs of the latter, and Wolf was worried. If he went down, High Tailless would receive no warning, and then... Wolf stopped his thoughts, he couldn't let fear swallow him.

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