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Posted May 8, '08 at 9:07am



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Hey I'm new to this flash creation world, and I am just a bit overwhelmed by learning action script. I can actually make a circle change shape and move left to right!! But I was wondering where should I begin with learning action script?


Posted May 11, '08 at 6:51am



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go to a tutorial website like or and search for a few key words, such as the ones listed below:

well i would suggest that you first lear how to use buttons since they have the most basic actions like:

on (release) {

and also, learn the basic play, stop, gotoAndPlay and gotoAndStop actions

try learning basic hitTest and shapeflag actions aswell...

i would also suggest that you learn the Key.isDown actions, look up a basic movement tutorial for those, and once you have all of the basics down you can start to combine things to do what you want, and maybe start learning something more advanced like duplicating movieclips, shared objects, arrays and functions...

NOTE: all actionscript posted here is actionscript 2.0, i haven't learnt 3.0 yet!


Posted May 13, '08 at 11:39pm



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If you are looking to start programming games, I would suggest "Beginning Flash Game Programming for Dummies" it's for AS2 and you should be able to find it at a library for free.
It will teach you the basics, and you can build from there.

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