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write in this if u like Armor Games

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Posted May 8, '08 at 7:25pm



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I've noticed threads like this on alto of other forums so I thought I'd try and start one here...

Just sign you're name and give a reason or two... or three... for why you like armorgames.

If and when you sign put a number in parentheses after you comment. So I'll put number 1, the next person puts number two, and so on...

(P.S. for Mods) I am not trying to create a spam thread. But if you think that it is spam go ahead and lock it.

I'll start...
dwicochea. Thanks alot everyone at armorgames for making such a great site. I love all the games. Keep it up (1)


Posted May 8, '08 at 7:38pm



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pieguy13913. the games are awesome and its fun having the chat room, armor points, and badges