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Granted, this might be a topic that might be waaay over the heads of some of the members here. Considering that a majority of the users are in the 11-16 age range, not much experience on the topic would be know. Yet for the rest of us there is enough for us to run on.

And when I say love, I mean actual love. Which is in of itself hard enough to define let alone known when you are in love. But those who have been through it/are currently in love know how it feels. It is that certain inexplainable feeling one gets. You know what I mean, right guys. Good.

Now, this topic is not to discuss how someone knows when they are in love. Far from it. This topic is to discuss what love is. Which is in every way an even harder question to answer. And that makes this all the more fun for us, heh.

So this is the main question we will all be trying to figure out:
What exactly is love and what causes it?

Is it nothing more than intense lust? The urges of one's loins for another person?

Is it sensing that someone would be a desirable mate and raiser or your offspring that also offers maximum genetic contributions?

Or is is somewhere in between? Mayhap something different all together?

Now get to it, lover and haters. I will jump in at randomly to put in my view.

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