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Life on Mars?

Posted May 9, '08 at 2:11pm



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@ Flip: Sigh, when I say writing a novel, I really do mean wish I had the time to resume it. I blew a month on NaNoWriMo (and got 50000 words in, yay I rock), but now I'm at the stick end of my thesis and clinical placement starts next semester, ooh boy I'm really feeling it.

I'm thinking about getting one of those diction recorders where I could be like those neurotic drama-queens that whip it out at random times and say "Note to self: main character needs new hairdo."

@ Ricador: Hmm...what makes you say that?


Posted May 9, '08 at 2:13pm



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i know only earth has life Ricky


Posted May 9, '08 at 2:20pm



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why not..todays everithing possible..i think we will be able live on mars in future but i think zheres no life on mars anyway

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