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Favorite Type of Music

Posted Nov 10, '12 at 4:13pm



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Electro house and dubstep for me.


Posted Nov 10, '12 at 6:26pm



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RAP my friend


Posted Nov 10, '12 at 7:42pm



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I'm very open minded when it comes to most stuff, and music is one. But I don't take lightly to unskilled, badly made music. And of course there are some genres which I just don't like, it doesn't make them bad they just aren't for me.

I mean I love all types of music like metal, rap, rock, electronic, D&B, etc.

Some music I don't listen to is:
-Bad Rap (Mostly new rap)
-Any music that is not in English unless opera or classical music.
-I usually stay away from mainstream stuff too.

One thing I do though is have these phases where I listen to certain genres for a certain period of time. It's not exact it's just whenever I feel like listening to rap I will.

Right now I pretty only listen to metal, post-hardcore, electronic(any related electronic genre), Metal-core and a bit of rock and alt rock.


Posted Nov 11, '12 at 6:26am



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Posted Nov 11, '12 at 11:25am



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when i was very young, my favorite kind of music was rock, heavy metal, death metal, black metal, symphonic metal, and classical metal, I also really loved trash-metal. but now, my music taste are very different. now, my favorite kind, is techno, electronic music, trance, ibiza music, club. and all the kinds of music that are similar to those kind.
Chrome Canyon, David Guetta & Basshunter Are probably the musical artist that i listen to, most.

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