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The Last Stand Union City Tips

Posted Jul 22, '11 at 11:06am



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So i do it for first time so dont complain much for it. And sorry if you find english errors.

$$$$The Last Stand : Union City$$$$


Most usefull skills you need to survive is written below :
Choose Costum

Strength: 7
Endurance: 5
Precision: 7
Intellect: 5

Then you have 10 points to choose from varios skills thoose next :
Security : add 2 points
Searching : add 2 points
Pistols : add 3 points
Long Guns: add 1 point
Automatics: add 2 points
and start the game

TLS:UC is a pretty hard game .
First off all enemies are zombies and dogs. *SPOILERS AHEAD* Game also haves few HECV Enemies [Bassicly Soliders].

Game willbe pretty easy till you get to Hospital . You should check every house you pass by. Espicially Police Departments. When you get to hospital beware of hordes.

HORDES: Sometimes u hear music that can scare you and after a big horde of zombies will run to you. Theres nearly no escape from horde . You can left them kill you . You will lose EXP but horde will end. If you move to other room they will follow you . If you go outside they will run from one side [ Left probably ]

Then from Hospital till Stadium game gets really hard. Your character must have always a melee weapon [Best any weapon from 17 Hit or Chainsaw but it needs fuel] Best weapons in this part willbe Pistols And Shotgun

After Stadium if you go loot in random houses you can find a good submachine gun Like Uzi or MP5 or even Assault Rifles

TIP: First King o Pawn shop you find try buying a assault rifle and use it with shotgun , it helps very much with hordes.

TIP2: If you find a safe house with Union city guards , you should ask one of them for quest of finding Richard. Hes body is in Subway [In the end] take the key from hes dead body and open weapon storage. It haves some ammo and good weapons

$$$SPOILERS AHEAD$$$ After you save Bethany from HECV you get to harbor. Skip first to buildings till you get to safehouse. Take the quest from JACK [Who strangely looks like main protagonist from TLS 2 ] and your wife should stay there. Go back and loot in buildings and continue your quest.
With good weapons you shouldnt have any problems ahead .

TIP: On military base go right and walk in house. There probably willbe few zombies , kill them and loot from a military machine, you can find there a MACHINE GUN [very usefull at the end of the game]

So after you find all Items speak back to Jack and prooced to wall with your wife.
after you pass wall better put on yourself weapons with biggest magazines . Horde will come after you . Dont try to kill them , just run. When your stamina will end turn to left and go back right but shooting the zombies.
Thats pretty all. Game ends when you get on boat. just go right till you see a cutscene. [ its not a scary cutscene dont worry]

1. Use Surpressed weapons.
2. Use Weapons with biggest maganzines when horde comes.
3. Rifles are good also versus hordes.
4. Loot in houses dont skip them.
5. Take side quests too, they are usefull.
6. Look on details as bags , you can loot from them too
7. Dont mind if you die. Choose restart here always.

$$$GOOD LUCK!$$$

Well that was all i can help you with. Good luck.

This Tips are Unofficial. I have nothing to do with ConArtist or TLS UC , i just want to give usefull tips.
Enjoy the game.


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i completed the game and i think evry one should have a mele weapon in the first weapon slot and an gun in the second. the reason is that you can kill zombies whitout making noise uf you use the mele weapon.
another tip is that you shuld give a powerful gun to your teamate (if you have one). dont give hm your best gun because you are more important than him. Also dont try to protect Bethany, because she cant die.


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where do you find the key for that trap door in the HERC headquarters?


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How do you drop some things from your backpage? Not put them in storage but just discard them?


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Super awesome guy near the door


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@ Geedds

There's a little trashcan next to each item (Right Side). Just simply click on that.


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Jack IS the protagonist from the first two. I thought it was cool that the dev put him in the game.


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I also forgot to add this. My tips would be and even Stat Cutomization.
Strength: 7
Endurance: 7
Precision: 7
Intellect: 7



For the 4 choices, I recommend
1.First Aid
*You will not encounter a gun that is not damaged on the first map.

You will encounter a tire iron on first scene, but discard it when you encounter the Abandoned House.Theres is a wooden board that is more powerfull than the crappy tire iron.There is also some food and ammuntion for a 9mm pistol, if your luckt.I wouldnt recommened you using your guns outside, unless you encounter a horde outside.
For your very first Hand Gun, go to 2cnd broken down, zombie infested house.Inside of the house is your first pistol, a Damaged 9mm Hand gun.I wouldnt use it since its damage output is low.

First Companion.
She is in the Supermart or whatever it is called. She is in a storage room and has lost her glasses.Her glasses are outside the door, on the ground in a very small package.
Give it to her and there you go, your first companion!Went the crappy gun, trade it for her pocket knife.Your Companion have unlimited ammo, and they are a better shot than you.

Whenever a horde lands on top of you or your ally, you can do 2 things.
1.Run like hell and exit the room.Hordes are extremely dangerous when your in a small room, so if your in a small one, exit it immediatly.
2.Fight it out.If your ally is near where the zombie is spawning give her/him a melle weapon, while you take the pistol and shoot at the zomebies head.I do not recommened this if your at a low level!!!

Pawn Shop Tips.
Save your money for buying ammuntion only, since the weapons in the gunshop are common and can be dropped after you killed a zombie carrying a sack.DO NOT GO FOR THE KATANA!!! THEY WILL RP YOU OFF!!The battle ax does more damage then the katana, and all you have to do is complete an achievement ,saving you valueable cash.

And thats all the basic tips! I wont spoil anything important for you guys.Happy Hunting ^_^


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can someone give me tips on getting those secret achievements, such as Oh Come On


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i suggest one melee and one weapon,, i prefer the uzi or m-16 they both have good mags and rate of fire. put you points in one melee style and one ranged weapon style--- always give your ally the next best gun with the largest mag-believe me once you develop your skills hordes then become easy and a good source of xps..and always do the side quests as they give you good xps and rewards

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