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What type of Government do YOU believe is right?

Posted Jul 14, '12 at 1:00pm



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True Communism is viewed as an Utopia literally, there would be no misery from working for a country, since there would hypothetically be an abundance of everything; no one would mind that, except that it's just a dream. At any rate, there's almost no country involved, since a true Communist state would hardly qualify as one, being one that aims to shrink government to a minimum.


Posted Jul 14, '12 at 8:44pm



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314d1, I typed out a long reply and accidentally closed the tab.

I've realized that debating like that makes no sense.

I'd much rather debate why you think my ideology is wrong than debate why yours is wrong because it's like talking to a brick wall.

I am a minarchist. I believe in little government. I believe in a society where government's purpose is to provide courts, justice, and defense and to educate the masses through educational vouchers. Entitlement programs are bad, and a better replacement would be the free market.

I believe the free market is efficient at providing better goods and services at cheaper costs. Plasma screen TVs were in the thousands. Now anyone with a plasma screen TV is called crazy. LCD TVs are thousands of dollar cheaper now and last longer.

I believe that the free market provides great mobility, which has been proven by the success stories of many poor turning into millionaires.

I am against egalitarianism because it advocates that people born into certain classes will stay in certain classes. If economic freedom is high, then the poor will have many ways to gain capital.

I am against fractional reserve banking, and I'm in favour of a genuine gold standard. I am also against a central bank.

I believe there is nothing wrong with greed in a free market. Things turn bad when greedy people use government to coerce others into funding their greed. A greedy person in the free market can do nothing more than maximize profits. They cannot coerce people into doing anything.

I believe in a land value tax as a way to discourage land speculation, absentee landlording, and a few other things.


Posted Jul 15, '12 at 9:55pm



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The Question posed was what goverment do you think is right, not "What Argument Can You get Into That Will Solve Lttle Or Less About What Goverment Others think As Being The Best." Many think that communism with all its faults is good, Good for you. Many others think that Democracy with all of its own faults is great, good for you as well. And then there are others who say that socialism, Capatalism, as well as many others which I did not mention which I may piont out, have flaws of their own, Good for you.

All goverments have flaws, as well as very good things! I have already told my veiw previosly, if you do not wish to beleive it, that is ok. Everyone has their veiw and are entitled to it. So if you are done in pointlessly bickering with one anouther about who is right, lets get back to what people veiw, not what trivial things to argue about...



Posted Jul 15, '12 at 10:11pm



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Krill, government is different from ideology. Capitalism is not a government, but it is an ideology that promotes society with certain things.

There are so many ideologies with flaws, even some forms of Capitalism. However, if you look throughout history, the fundamental cause of an increase in the standard of living has been Capitalism. What I just said will spawn many dissenters, and most likely trigger a debate.

That's usually how these threads work. It's to discuss ideologies.


Posted Jul 17, '12 at 11:23pm



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a capitalist democratic republic but instead of our way of voting we vote by listing the people we want in order then when the person is eliminated your vote goes to the second person you wanted and when a person gets over fifty percent of the votes they win even though it is still susceptible to Gerrymandering and a two party system there is no spoiler-effect if you want to learn more go to CGP Grey's video on the alternative voting system he gives a great explanation of all the different voting systems the bill of rights would reflect the United States of America's except we go with modern instead of being dinosaurs and butting in on every country's business. and for a final thing it would require an elected parliament instead of represenitives and governors

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