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my developments! please take a look!:)

Posted Sep 20, '11 at 9:19am



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I guess I didn't sugar coat it, but I believe that if kyahco takes time to improve on his spelling and grammar his programming skills/speed will dramatically improve.

Kyahco, things I would like to see in your game:

1. A title - every game needs a title or name.
2. A start/instructions screen.
3. More scenery - the levels looked bland and unpopulated.

Other than that it isn't bad if you programmed it yourself. FYI, I fell through the moving platform on the second level at the bottom. I don't know if I was supposed to be able to land on it or if it was a trick platform, but I couldn't land on it.


Posted Sep 20, '11 at 2:56pm



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1. The platform is not ready yet, the page the game is on tells you that so you must not be reading it,

2. I am still making it, so it doen not need instrutions because they will change I gave you some on the page, the is a start up/main menu it is just that you can move on it to( like a level I plan on making that more usefull).

3. It is called cherpy canyon, though I postwed that but mayne not

4. It is in development don't expect a thing from it that would be in a normal game.

5. I use an IDE and AS3 spell chack so I have never had spelling errors in my programs, you are using fualty resoning to say that if I speel bad here I do every where!

6.I do programs (sorry for the term) every day that help with dyslexia , or at lest as often as I can, I DO srive to spell right and use grammer, but this is only a forum and I did not known this was grammer class! Though I try not to just text like a lot of people do on the internet!

7. I am NOT asking for you to suger coat it! You don't understand that there is a needed balance of critism and politeness and kindness! You can't just list my problems you have to help me with them! I am finding your guyses "constructive" critism not very "constructive"! And frank, a mod, does too! Are you not getting it when a mod tells me something I stop and think about what I was doing! What was my point in my post? Was it pride? Was it I want to help? And how did I do it? What was my outcome? I could have had the right reason but was that the outcome? I always ask this before I post.

8.I forgot the senery part of you post.... I am going to put a backround and such, I was just geting the motion and still am trying to make it simpler and easyer but more powerfull, so scenery is next! Your expecting things before I ment to do them! Are you expecting to have a in development beta game to be complete and perfect? I am going one step at a time, jsut wait I don't want any thing sloppy.

9. I am traveling and don't and internet or power all the time like most people, sometimes I can't use my computer for a month! I use my android most of the time, like right now, so I would say 90% of the time I'm useing my android.

10. Remember the was a time when the was no grammer or spelling in english, as long as it made scene it saw all right, the worked with it fine! In fact if you have ever read the emails and such that jumble the letters, most of the time you can read it! So I think it is not as much of a your spelling was so bad I could not read it it is a "I'm to lazy to put effert in to it!", though I do not sugest we give up on spelling and grammer I am just making the piont.

11. If you did not read all o these please READ THEM!

Any who I am starting on a second game that will be easy to make in the mean time, but I will add some more to the first one like as I posted a long time ago (but again some did not read it) I will ad a background with speical scrolling that adds depth (parellex scroling I think is what they call it...) and try to crunch down the size and make it easyer to use my code over. Then get the platform to work. And as requested by sirmed2 I will ad a system that allows you to use the arrow keys and not the WASD keys by a setting on gthe menu. Oh and I almost forgot I want to make it so the play button it a ground player can step on button (and a mouse one too) for added fun (hints being able to move the character in the main menu).

ALSO PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT the fallow mimic system should I change it to delay or what?and if you did not read enough to figure out how to get to the level with it press E to change levels for now (as normal).

Reply to my developments! please take a look!:)

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