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So I'm sure most people have heard one way or another of the second Kingdom Rush game coming out.

This discussion is for discussing that game. What would be some of the things you'd like to see in the new game? What do you want to see come back from the first game? What would you like changed? How excited are you that we're going to soon be seeing the second Kingdom Rush game?

As for myself, I'm hoping that the Sequel maintains the purity of the first one. I liked the simple graphics and gameplay. I liked how the maps were interactive (killing the sheep, catching fish, and activating windmills). Seeing that again would be a treat. I'm also hoping that the towers from the first game come back in the second one. Nothing would be more devastating than to see the towers have a complete makeover. I highly doubt it would happen, but still... Lastly, I want them to keep the upgrade tree. I most definitely liked the style of the star upgrades. I thought they were very well thought out and developed, and I would like to see the tree with its same or very similar cleverness of build.

Things I want changed? I might be secretly hoping for maybe a different kind of tower, but if that doesn't happen, I'd still be happy. I would want the levels to be a little bit longer perhaps. It seemed like I would just be hitting my stride in the tower building process and then it would be over, which was kind of disappointing. So if they would add longer levels or maybe add an "Endless" mode, I would thoroughly enjoy the game all the more.

What do you all think?

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