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Omnihero, you might want to rethink having more than 1 AV program at a time. When you have multiple anti-virus programs at once they often conflict with each other and nullify any protection you'd get out of them. As well, the Flex SDK is a great choice for an old computer because mxmlc is a command line tool so it really doesn't take much to run. And you could write your code in Notepad or Wordpad if you wanted (any text editor would work, just save your classes as .as files.)

You asked earlier in the thread how someone learned to code. I'd suggest getting the Actionscript 3.0 Bible. You can get a cheap copy off Amazon used. You can also preview some of it here:

I've also found these sites to be useful resources for help with coding:


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wow thank you... the world needs people like you ... thabks

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