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If a user is breaking the rules, please flag their post/comment and report the user to a moderator. The red flag besides posts and comments will send a report to the administrators. If a problem needs immediate attention, please report it to a moderator, preferably one who is active.

When you report, you will need the name of the offender if there is one, the reason you are reporting, and evidence of the offense.

Your report should consist of the following:
Name of the Offender - We need to know who you are reporting if you're reporting someone. This will help us identify the offender quickly and deal with them.
What the Offense is - We need to know why they are being reported. This will help us identify the problem and deal with it quicker.
Where the Offense occurred - We need to know where the offender broke the rules. This will be used as evidence of the offense.

Having this information will allow a moderator to deal with the problem faster. Missing information may result in delays or inaction. It will take use longer if we don't know who or why you are reporting and we may simply not have the time to deal with it. We cannot do anything without evidence of the offense.

False reports will be trouble for you.
Problems that you started may not be dealt with and may be more trouble for you.

To present evidence to a moderator, you will need one of the following:

For Games
Game Comments - Please include user, reason, and a link to the game's comments in your report.
In-game Chat - Please include user, reason, and a link to a screenshot of the offensive comments in your report. Moderators cannot deal with Guest accounts. You will need an Administrator.
Hackers - Moderators do not deal with hackers. For hackers in Colony, please report them here. For hacked high-scores, please report them to Justin.

For Forums
Threads - Please include the reason and a link to the forum thread in your report. Do not post in the thread.
Posts - Please include the user, reason, and a link to the forum post or the page where the forum post is.

For Profiles
Profiles - Please include a reason and a link to the user's profile in your report.
Your Comments - Please include the user and reason. DO NOT delete any of the offensive comments. Incomplete or nonexistent offensive comments will not be dealt with. You may delete the offensive comments after it has been dealt with.

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