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ArmorGames and Flash Cookies

Posted Sep 30, '11 at 6:00pm



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Has anyone here have negative experiences with Flash cookies? I'm not sure if that's the official name, but it's the one that looks like:


If that's no good, can someone suggest a better way to save user progress? I think most flash games use this and it seems to work fine except there was this one time where one of friends cannot run any flash app that uses this.

I appreciate any suggestions or comments.



Posted Oct 1, '11 at 1:21am



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It should also be possible to use externalinterface to save user progress to a server of some sort.

Problem is that AG doesn't allow that. I think that you friend had his security level too high, and so it didn't allow flash apps to save anything.

To avoid this happening, I use a try...catch block to detect if the game couldn't save the cookie.

Hope this helps
-Explosions Hurt


Posted Oct 1, '11 at 9:42am



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Thanks for the reply! I didn't know about externalinterface, it's good to know that this feature is available though I won't be using it for the game I submit to ArmorGames since you say they don't allow it.

With my friend, he insisted that he did set his security level to allow flash to write on his computer but who know if he actually did. If most games here use sharedobjects and it works fine, I'll probably use it as well.

More response on the topic would be appreciated, thanks.


Posted Oct 2, '11 at 7:26pm



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My friend had all his security jacked up and it would never save his score for my game, Super Mitchio. Now I couldn't tell you why he needs this beefy security that doesn't save cookies/cache for any site after exiting his browser, but it negates the positive effects of AS save/load states.

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