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Need help on Arcuz 2's Beholder

Posted Oct 4, '11 at 6:21pm



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First thing's first: He levels with me, so grinding won't help matters any.

Second thing, I have no problem with his regular pattern. The problem comes when he goes into rage mode and starts using every attack in his arsenal at once. The only way I've found to survive this is to go into what I call "Mario mode" and start trying to endlessly bounce on his head, dealing bit by little bit of armor damage, until his armor finally breaks and I get three or four sword slashes in before he goes back to spamming everything he's got.

My question: Is there a better way? Do I seriously have to Mario him for two hours before he finally drops, or is there some secret trick I haven't discovered yet?

Oh, and if there's a way to reset my AP so I can allocate them again, I'd really like to know; I wasted a couple points in skills I never use and want to put them towards that godly Hurricane-esque move people keep talking about. That's all.


Posted Oct 5, '11 at 12:31pm



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Hello ,

I had some problems with the beholder too ...BUT i've found the way to beat him ..

His regular pattern is " easy " , it's right . At his 25% of life , his getting enrage and it's not good for you !!

So , like the two-head giant ,
first , you have to get him near 25% of his life , and KILL him in one break armure then .

Take Attack , Bersek potion before your last break armure ,

Recommended skill :
Divine blessing

Give your maximum power in order to kill in one shot !

...And there is no way to reset your skill points unfortunately ....
I had to lvl up a new personnage too ...
You can "test" your skill , save and reset with the tips ( cf . page 15 , topic " arcuz 2" ) ,

good luck et sorry for my english ...


Posted Oct 5, '11 at 6:11pm



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That didn't work. I had Attack, Berserk, and Luck going and I pulled off a full combo plus the sword dash move after breaking him and he still had around 1/8 of his life left. I got stunlocked and owned the second he finished his "ima rage now" roar...

How the **** are you supposed to beat this guy!?


Posted Oct 6, '11 at 1:33pm



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Hurricane is my skill of choice on this game. Attack potion plus beserker plus Hurricane is pretty devastating. If a boss survives that, then I use a speed spell and zip around until Hurricane (or storm elemental) reloads.

I cannot imagine trying to grind through the Beholder otherwise.


Posted Oct 7, '11 at 12:49pm



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Just beat Beholder and it felt SO GOOD. Best part: i never used potions when fighting bosses before...yeah... Now that I know the glory of berserk potions I feel pretty silly. But essentially I used lvl 1 backstab3 as my go-to attack whenever his armor broke. That plus 3 levels in assassin and a berserk potion will actually do about a quarter of his health as long as you get a few extra swings in afterwards. Once he went crazy on me I just jump on his head as much as possible and spammed large health potions. Only took on break after that.


Posted Oct 7, '11 at 9:44pm



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beholder is so easy with hurricane
just 3 hurricanes in the right time and he is dead in 7-10 min


Posted Jan 6, '13 at 7:14am



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i beat beholder by deflection and master of defense. (deflecton max, master of defense 3). Use the skill, and if perfect block you regenerate hp, otherways you get damaged about 40-50 points instead of 300-400. It is hard to hit beholder when he enrages, but it also can't hit you if you use deflection.


Posted Apr 9, '13 at 10:01am



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Emmm about Beholder, i think u right,, i am lvl 120 n Beholder aka The Eye is lvl 121.
It took 2500 Damage when Hitting me anyway, N when He enrages,,wow he using Combo hit average damage received is about 2500-3000.
I will surely die if i didnt use Life Force Skill or Diamon Angel Tears. But i have a strategy to defeat him with easily.

N then now,,,,i just create New Char: Tanker Axe
here my Pic,,,

im not expert in this games,,So Correct Me if im wrong

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