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Im currently writing a game in AS3, all coding no timeline nonsense.

Im having trouble with image tearing, vsync tearing and framerate issues. I've compaired my code to other peoples and as far as I can tell its correct. Its not even complex stuff its just "Event.ENTER_FRAME" and some movement instructions. Here is a list of things I've tried to fix the problem

re-writing everything from scratch
uping the framerate
Changing the hardware acceleration to GPU
making the stage size smaller
removing everthing but the main characture

Even when the only thing being displayed is a vector circle the thing still chugs! I thought maybe it was my display drivers so I reinstalled them and then reinstalled CS5, no joy.

I tried playing the game on other computers and it chugs on them too! What the hell am I doing wrong? Its not even a taxing game its just a bunch of boxes at the moment.

I've obviously made a very stupid mistake, please somebody tell me what im doing wrong.

The link below is an (awful) example file, if you fullscreen and move left and right its really bad, really blurry. I know you can make smoother stuff then this in flash, what am I doing wrong?

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This could be a wild guess, but what's your framerate? If I look closely, I can see the sphere jump from one spot to the next, something that shouldn't happen with a high enough framerate. I usually have it at 30 fps, try if that works. You could even try higher, but just keep in mind the more fps you have the more code is executed per second

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