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I'm not good at this game. These are just some observations. Some are mine, some are taken from things other people have said. I tried looking through the first few pages on here and I didn't see a topic about this game, so I'll just go ahead and post this.

Preface: If you can't beat level 3, there's something wrong with you. If you can't beat the Europe Challenge, you don't have enough patience (Seriously, it's super easy, it just takes a long time). If you can't beat the Crazy Challenge, you're pretty normal. This isn't a long guide, it's just a few tips that I've put together after I finally beat the thing.

Tip 1: Your starting position, or "Asia sucks."
You don't want to start in Asia. If you start in Caucuses you're fine, it has six territories and gains six armies per turn, but only if your opponents spawn in bad positions. Here's what you want to do with each of the good starting positions:

Any North American start (Mexico is best, Canada is worst) - High Risk, High reward. If you can take North America without encountering anyone, the win is as good as yours. Doubly so if you can get South America immediately after (Protip: Brazil is amazingly positioned). If you encounter an enemy in American and can't immediately destroy him you should restart. I like this position, because you know if you can win or not by turn four or so.

South America - You have a lot of options. You can go for Africa, North America or Antarctica and Australia. I would recommend against going for Antarctica first. Save, try to take American and reload your save if you encounter anyone there and can't defeat them, then go somewhere else.

Antarctica - Africa or South America are both decent targets, but Africa is far superior. Australia can be an afterthought, you wan to get into America pretty quickly.

Europe, Asia and Australia - Ragequit. As I said before, Caucasus has a good bonus, but you're caught between both warring factions and they all want your bonus. The rest are just meh.

Tip 2: It's not a Free For All, or "Leaving them alive as a distraction."

The game is 3v3v1. Always check the player tab to see which AIs are on which teams. When picking where to expand after all the neutrals are eaten up, don't focus on bonuses so much as on keeping things balanced. After your first victim, if you see someone that is on their team just leave a wall of troops there and go somewhere else. Ideally you will build up your forces while they fight, then gain the numerical advantage and wipe them all out.

Before you gain that "51% of the world's production" the hierarchy is:

Leaving both sides equal > Leaving three of the same team > Leaving only one enemy.

I'll explain this in a minute.

Tip 3: Second strikes are best or "This ain't nuclear war."

Defenders have a slight bonus, just like Risk. Sort of. If you're in an arms race against an enemy and you know they're going to attack you this turn (again, savescumming is very helpful) then you should reinforce your position as much as possible, then attack them after they attack you. How do you do that?

Tip 4: Attack Order, or "running around in circles."
You know that annoying "orders" menu that you keep accidentally opening when you close the card pop-up (**** yeah I'm psychic!)? It's important. All of your moves happen in order, going down that list. Generally you and the enemies take turns performing orders, and it's somewhat random as to who gets to go first, but your orders will always happen in the order you have them on your list. Back to our "big stack" example: Make all the attacks that aren't the big one first. Setup up territories to play tennis with single armies, bouncing them back and forth so that while they don't actually change the defense might of the country, they do waste time. Then make your attack. If you forget and make it first, just click on it in the orders menu and use the down arrow to bring it to the bottom. This will ensure (if you have enough dummy orders) that your enemy will break himself against your big stack (That doesn't sound dirty at all) before you move in.

Tip 5: One at a time, or "I should have said this first."

Take your starting bonus first. Then focus on the next one. Then the next one. Don't try to do two at once until you have around four or five bonuses. Every unit matters, especially in the opening turns. This one's pretty simple.

Tip 6: Breaking Bonuses is important, or "Pretend you're a .50 Caliber bullet!"

Imagine a desk covered in stacks of papers. The papers are all nice and organized. Now imagine someone shoots a .50 Caliber rifle right above the desk. The air displaced by the bullet will shuffle the papers around, mixing all of them up. Now imagine you're playing this game. You've taken the Americas, Antarctica and Australia. You also expanded to put your chokepoints up inside their first bonuses (Africa, Eastern Russia, Scandenavia and Europe). Let's also pretend that one enemy team has eliminated the other without losing a single person. At this point your economy should be slightly below theirs, so you have a problem. Put up the bare minimum to defend each point plus enough to launch 2-army attacks at every territory you can reach defended by only one army. You will be able to take at least one; they can't defend them all. Once you take it, put another pair of armies on there for every single-army territory that newly conquered territory can reach. Make sure you make these attacks before all others. You should be able to work your way into their territory doing this. Basically, you're investing a total of twenty armies or so into this forray. This works best if you do this right along the border between two of the enemy countries. If you get lucky different enemy armies will be recapturing the territory you take. If you can get them to have two different AIs in the same bonus, congratulations, that bonus is now broken. You can also do this with a significant force, just running straight through and crushing everything. Just like that .50 Caliber bullet, you pass through and everything gets all mixed up in your wake.

Tip 6 part 2: More breaking, or "I just wanted to start a new paragraph."
OK, remember what I said about moving forward and just running straight through? It gets even better if you just camp a huge army right in the middle of enemy territory in Asia. You can have something like five or six borders, all of which need to be defended. The AI will either repeatedly commit suicide against your force or try to wall it in, wasting three or four times as many troops as you invested. Basically, because the AI is stupid you can let them control all of Eurasia and still be producing more than them because you broke their bonuses.

That's really all I have. If you have questions, please ask. I probably derped on the explanation of the "mixing" harassment strategy. I'd also like to point out that the time that I beat the Crazy Challenge I did it on the Warlight website, without the help of savestates.

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Thank you for sharing.It's very useful.

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Great advice! I won this in 27 turns starting in south america. I captured the bonuses by attacking each territory with 3 troops until i secured the bonus, then moved on to attack nigeria and the connecting antartica and fortifying it, just to screw over the 2 AIs on each side. At the same time, I captured and fortified mexico, slowly moved north till i got control of the Americas, Expanded into greendland, down to Europe, etc.

I`m on insane level, and its pretty hard too, but expanding fast and holding chokepoints basically secures you a win in that one.

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I'm going to say something irrelevant for the explicit purpose of sounding like an idiot: If you are the .50 cal bullet, just shoot the table leg, and it will break, then the table will fall over. I have no idea what this has to with warlight, which I have never played. Goodbye!

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