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As the Topic says general discussion about Bunny flags 2 :P

I like this game.I liked the 1st part too, since hero TD is rather fun.2nd part is just so much more bigger!You have support things, more weapons, new class...And now you can choose which class you use in battle, so you can test multiple classes without needing reset points.

I chosed desroyer-class, like in 1st part.I like his C4-equiment, and homing beacon is my favourite weapon for now.To talk about homing beacon, I found bug about it(copied my comment about game):

I spent a talent point at "Fuel to the Gods" talent, and after that, I cant fire with my homing beacon!I can fire with other weapons, but I can fire with the homing beacon I reset my talenet points and didnt put point to the "Fuel to the gods"-talent, but I still can shoot with homing beacon
But I refreshed page, and now I can fire with my homing beacon

Now I am level 14 and just completed 1st campaign.Now I am replaying 1st campaign levels to get some exp.
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