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War In the Middle East

Posted Nov 10, '11 at 9:56pm



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PauseBreak, while I agree with you on some statements, you are discrediting yourself when you state that ALL arabs hate Israel, and all Muslims want to kill Jews. You need to be more tolerant of other people whom you do not especially like. EVERY religion attempts to dominate the others (well, except Judaism perhaps). Please calm down the rhetoric against Arabs. Just a request, otherwise the mods might not be so kind to someone who hates people just because they were born in a region.


Posted Jul 9, '12 at 4:11pm



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Recently there has been alot of wars in the middle east.There is some history between Jews and Musilims Many people say a group of people began hating the other religon (not telling who started it) they began telling the other religon rascist stuff and they began hating them by this they had to do war a large explosion has happened in Iraq from this war and over 100,000 people are dead from this war.


Posted Jul 9, '12 at 5:04pm



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as long as syria is in the way, israel can't do much as iran will have a platform in form of syria to retaliate.
Further more, radars for aerial recon in syria are used by iran too and it will serve as early warning system.
and as for anti arab guy,
Yes most muslims hate the illegitmate state of Israel and its jewish citizens.(we don't hate em for being jewish, but we hate them for being israeli)


Posted Jul 9, '12 at 10:27pm



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Being naive towards a group that primarily straps explosives to themselves does not warrant racism. I am clearing stating that in the middle east (asia minor) that the majority of them (them being Arabs) [them being muslims] wish death upon Israel and Jews worldwide. Not to mention that their religion demands that all people convert to their religion or die.
That is not a statement of opinion, that last comment is a state of pure fact. If you want, I can throw koran verses in your face. But I don't think you want that. To dispute it, is to close ones eyes to facts and simply "band aid" a politically correct answer to appear to others that one is trying to appease the entire crowd.
If being racist is what I am, than I guess its true. If its a hate crime, it must be worse than murder =\\\\ (sarcastic face)

The majority, huh? Have you polled them? Have you asked every single one of the Arab men, women, and children about their views on Israel? Unless you have and come up with a percentage of greater than 50.1% general hate, I feel this is a wild statement. Three years is not nearly enough time to encompass all of Asia Minor and learn the heart and feelings of every single Arab. I personally know people of that faith as well. The last time they tried to bomb my house I....oh wait.

And actually, the Koran's commandments are similar to the Bible's commandments, and say nothing about 'death to the heathens'. Thats just how certain sects choose to view.

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