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Yesterday and Tomorrow

Posted Oct 27, '13 at 11:41pm



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A salty tear ran down from his eye onto his furry cheek, only to roll onto a whisker and plop despondently onto the keyboard.

Gantic stared blankly at the monitor shining brightly in his face.

Why didn't they understand? It was all so simple. Why could no one hear his throbbing heart's cry for help?

A sudden fit of rage overtook him, and with a mute squeal, Gantic raised his little bunny paws and smashed them down on the keyboard.

That felt good.

Raising them once more, he began pounding at the keyboard, tears flowing, buck teeth bared in helpless anger.

After a while, he sat back, utterly spent. Looking once more at the monitor, he saw a jumbled mess of text that he'd created in his fit. Vowels, consonants, and spaces jockeyed for position before him, and yet even as Gantic sneered in disgust at this abomination, he noticed a word, emboldened, at the top. Iairid. And he began to read.

After many hours, or seconds if he were a good reader, Gantic wiped a tear from his face with the back of a paw. This was it. This is what he'd been striving for, been looking for, had spent his youth and old age pining for.

Finally, they would understand.


Posted Nov 23, '13 at 8:24pm



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The Way You Push
is like talking about walking. You do something and something else happens. How's that? Nobody seems to be clear on the mechanicals, but the wizards work. Altogether, it is rather rhetorical with no sense of assembly. Pictures of printed words are more greedily grokked and you'd think, "Why?" Who knows? Of course, the familiarity of it simply suggests that it's oft overlooked. Sometimes, though, it's just there in color and chord, beautiful, resplendent, an ocean-view oriel. The shimmer and sparkle of a sunny surface are distracting as the fluctuations are irregular (sporadic vicissitudes?) In good keeping, we find ourselves where we are supposed to be, right where we left ourselves and right where we're on our way to where we're going.

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