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Posted Dec 6, '11 at 7:21pm



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I am a newbie when it comes to game development. I need some suggestions of programs to make them.


Posted Dec 6, '11 at 8:30pm



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Since you are a newcomer I recommend experimenting with Stencyl and FlashDevelop because those are free programs and they are very newcomer friendly. Also, learn how to code properly (look for some programming books or even look for some tutorials online). It's not going to be easy, it'll take a few weeks/months. You'll also need a program/or programs to make art, Pencil and GIMP are two free good ones. PhotoShop is wonderful, but that costs money.


Posted Dec 6, '11 at 10:57pm



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It depends. Do you want to make them rather easily or the hard way (code)? I tried using code before, and I find it rather difficult because my memory sucks, but I don't know. I know a program that could help you make a game, but you couldn't upload it to AG.

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