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Half of the new games won't load

Posted May 17, '14 at 5:50pm



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yes different browsers different versions :S
reinstalled flash player x times...


Posted May 17, '14 at 8:00pm



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From switzerland? Hell-O Nachbar (naja, fast^^), i play from Germany without any problems^^

Did you use an adblocker? They cause some problems, so if you have one running please deactivate it.
Another problematic thing is safety internet software (like netnanny/K9)...
Also firewalls may block things, so deactivate it (just to test things!, activate it again asap^^).

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Posted May 18, '14 at 5:29am



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I hope I found it but I think you have something in common(the ones having the problem):
1)add-ons and plug ins disable those or just go incognito from chrome or mozilla or any other maybe it is most likely to press ctrl+shift+n..If it works that mean you have some ad block or privacy protector or something changes decoding of java.
2)Programs..not many programs does this but still download some program deactivator and deactivate programs one by one but not the ones that are requird some programs doesn't warn you so..The best I am using is advanced system care when downloading it you should change the settings of deleting cookies by clicking on the settings infront of internet boost anyway after installing ASC 7 go to the tool box and choose program deactivator I could have just told you to right click on the icons in the tools bar(show hidden icons) and choose exit but you may have installed something like an update or so that works in the background.
If those two doesn't work you may have to disqus with each other to find out what is in common between you guys.
Good luck with this sick problem!!
Link to advanced system care the latest.

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