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Hi, i'm a musician.

Posted Apr 3, '12 at 6:27pm



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I really like the 8-bit, techno, hip hop, classical, and trip hop in "Strange People Riddim".

I think the happy hardstyle kinda thing in the beginning of "Fire Kick". And the low basses are cool as well! Plus the synth at 1:34 kinda starts a fun, happy feeling to the song. And the drums right after are amazing! And the other synth after the drums gave me a feel that I'm like in an RPG or something'.

All of "Dub For Life" made me feel like I was in a stealth shooter or something. Really good intense trance track! And the wobbly basses sounded really fun too!

"Minimalsource". Am I in the 80's?!?!?!?!?! Or getting abducted by aliens?!?!?!?


Posted Apr 10, '12 at 8:29am



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Dude, these songs are good! Well.. AMAZING!! Especially Strange People Riddim. You've got amazing talent, but no one in Youtube is listening to your music. I wish this generation would recognize amazing people than s**t artists.

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