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Posted Dec 15, '11 at 2:25pm



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I think that most people are having a problem with looking for games that are live. As a result, i think that there should be a section that has a list of all the online multiplayer games. I know that there are not very many of them but they are extremely popular. I don't know if this idea has been suggested or not becase i couldn't find it; all i see is things like

Is there a section for live games?

Where can i find all of the online multiplayer games?

I saw that in the new AG3 site, there is not a section for multiplayer games. I think they should have one so instead of searching the site for a particular version of game that you like, there is a link to a list right infront of you.

Posted Dec 15, '11 at 4:56pm



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This has been brought up before and there just isn't enough games to put there. I don't think there is enought to fill up on page. There has been more recently, but still, they need a good amount to consider a section. If you like a live game that much, add it to your faves.


Posted Dec 15, '11 at 5:06pm



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^ What he said, not to mention that there is this thread.