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Any good games on Armor games?

Posted Feb 5, '12 at 11:52pm



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a good strategy game is kingdom rush a good fighting/adventure game is monster slayers a good tycoon game is corporation inc also try sushi cat 2 and flight


Posted Feb 6, '12 at 1:55pm



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I generally have an idea what to expect when i see a game developer. For example the games i like are from certain developers:

Sonny 2 for RPG game
Warfare 1944 for Strategy game
The Last Stand 2 for Action game
Crush the Castle - All of them for Fun!
Obey the game for reflexes game
Colony for multiplayer game


Posted Feb 7, '12 at 8:49am



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I agree with Doombreed, Sonny 2 and Warfare 1944 seem to be very popular.

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Posted Feb 7, '12 at 4:16pm



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Exit path 2 i like like 4 hours on it great game


Posted Feb 7, '12 at 11:35pm



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Bad eggs online

all that matters: all that matters is a pretty good game that should keep you entertained for a few mins

don't remember how recent this one is but: learn to fly 2

kingdom rush

raze 2

everybody edits

shell shock live

crush the castle two and it's player's pack

siege hero viking vengance

sieger players pack

the company of myself

infectonator world dominator

hands of war TD

the "when penguins attack" games


the first exit path game i'm not much of a fan of the second one

achievement unlocked 2

this is the only level games

and out from the top of my head that's all i can think of at the moment


Posted Feb 17, '12 at 11:41am



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My favorite games:

-Raze 2
-Sierra 7
-Shell shock live
-Balloon in a Wastela
Strategy games:
-Stick war
Miscellaneous games:
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4


Posted Jun 4, '13 at 6:29pm



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How about Deep Sea Hunter? (Only takes an hour or so to beat, though.) A few others: Kingdom Rush or Castaway 2.


Posted Jun 4, '13 at 7:59pm



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Thanks for the year old necro Green. Since the thread is back, I might as throw out some suggestions for people to play.
My two favorite games are Vortex Wars 2, and Amorphous Plus. I highly recommend everyone to play them.

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