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What is a merit?
A merit is just a 25 AP reward. You cannot trade them in for anything. The 25 AP is added on top of the 2 AP for the comment, so if you write a great comment, you can get up to 27 AP for a great comment. Only Moderators and Administrators can give merits.

How do I get a merit?
Merits are not easy to get. They are given to very good game comments. Very good game comments take time to write. These comments are helpful, original, and thoughtful. They have good grammar and are easy to read. They show that you played the game and have ideas on what you liked, didn't like, and what could be improved. If a moderator or administrator sees your comments and thinks it deserves a merit, he/she will give your comment a merit. This can take a few minutes to a few years, so be patient! Do not bother moderators and administrators about merits or beg for merits. They may ignore your comment!

What is a very good game comment?
Here are some things that make a very good game comment. It is...

Readable. It has good grammar. Other people can easily understand what you say. If no one knows what you are saying then it is not very helpful.
Helpful. It says why you liked or did not like the game and what can be improved or removed. If you just say "good" or "bad" or "I liked this" it does not tell the game maker what is good or bad about the game. If you don't say why, your comment is not very thoughtful.
Thoughtful. It shows you really thought about the game. Your ideas about the game go together because you spent time to write a good comment about it. If you only list your ideas about different parts of the game, it does not look very original.
Original. It shows you wrote it yourself. Your comment contains unique ideas. You did not copy someone else's good comment. Your ideas cover important parts of the game and might be comprehensive.
Comprehensive. It shows you played the game. You did not just play for a few minutes and stop. Your comment shows you really know what the game is about and you have ideas about different parts of the game.

You will have a better chance of getting a merit if you have all of these.

How long does it take?
It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few years. The moderators take time to read through the comments of new games and old games. They cannot read everything at once. If you keep writing good comments, you may get one. Merits are not guaranteed.

What else is there?
Don't worry if you do not get a merit. Be patient. Don't beg or bother moderators. Write good comments!

Thank you for reading this. Now you understand what a merit is and what it takes to get one.

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