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Moon's Metrophobia

Posted Jan 6, '12 at 7:09pm



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No dango tree?

Trees grow slowly, love.

Sadly lots of people don't care about the learning part. They are too focused on the grades. You can get good grades but still not learn anything. It is the learning that is important not the grades.

True dat. I believe there are a few schools not giving grades and stuff, to see how much they improve or something. I dunno. Google it :P


APUSH stuff, it's kind of an inside joke. Whenever something wrong goes on in the world, our class blames it on trains because it was really the standard management and such that was hand in hand with trickery and such, thus leading to such a horrible world in some close-minded way.


/irrelevance] Sorry.

Not irrelevant! It's just showing how much people really care about their edjumacation, but from a homeschooled-type-thing point of view! :P

And those stupid trains... >.>

They are why we have Snooki.

I hope you mean that you don't know? D:

Pretty much, yeah. I think I have something though, I'll post it next :P

Posted Jan 6, '12 at 7:15pm



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No matter the turn of events
No matter the situation
They stuck through it all
Even through the complications.
I've always questioned their feelings for me
I've never thought that I changed
But apparently I have
Because now I can brighten their day.
I always thought I brought them down
But I see that I make them smile
I can manipulate the air around
And make our times worthwhile.


Posted Jan 6, '12 at 9:15pm



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You should listen to it!

*owns the album*

It's a rant. Well, not a rant. It's just life. We all live it, so you should all read this

I am reminded very much of my own Reflections. Pretty deep stuff ya gots there.

This most recent poem I quite like. While the meter is a bit odd (it seems to be a song to me), I like the rhyming scheme and the message it sends. I have a little fuzzy feeling inside of me when I finish it. Good job.

I also believe there is 'Moar stuff GOSH DUDE'.

Posted Jan 25, '12 at 8:15pm



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As I look into the water,
All that I see
Is my angry face,
Glaring back at me.

I look determined,
But I feel my own fear.
All I have to do,
Is jump down from this pier.

I can't look to the sky
Because I don't want to worry about my salvation,
Isn't taking my own life
Condeming me to ****ation?

Oh no
Here I go
Wondering about what is next.
Is there a way to say that I am afraid?
Without having some one coming in to invade
On my poor little pity parade?
I can't remeber the last time I prayed.

But this is why I want to leave
So I don't have to wonder.
If this next life really exists.

After I stop unclenching my fists,
I jump off the rail, and start to fall.
I hit the water, with a sound as loud as thunder. Hoping it was heard by all.

As I lose my sensory feelings, One clear thought screams through my head.
I'm going under and there is nothing I can do.
Nothing I want to do.
Nothing to be done.
I guess I lost in the long run

Because all I see is black
I don't hear a voice,
Trying to call me back.
I don't feel my self being lifted or pulled
To heaven or hell.
There goes my shot at figuring it out.
Seems usless now to think, Oh well.

I feel myself
fading away
Not even darkness
Just a generic shade of grey.
So this is what it boils down to.
Nothing in itself.
Let me fade off with this last adieu.


Posted Jan 25, '12 at 8:32pm



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Thats really good I love all the emotions in the poem with how she or he just killed themselves but was willing to take it because they thought the next life was better for them. Very sad when I think that this actually happens in the real world just because someone can't be there friend or whatever curcumstance. I almost shed a tear reading this poem there is alot of extreme emotion in this poem like extreme angry and sadness. I let you take a bow MoonFairy because this is a emotional and very descriptive poem that I know many people will love.


Posted Jan 25, '12 at 8:33pm



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Pretty good, it was just like a 1st person story. A grim one, but that's not for me to say.

Feel as though these lines:

I hit the water, with a sound as loud as thunder. Hoping it was heard by all.

As I lose my sensory feelings, One clear thought screams through my head.

Could have been condensed more to fit the rest of the passage. As one line, they seemed to lengthy to fit with everything else. For the non-poet in me, you seemed to jut back and forth between present and past tenses, where I feel it would connect the best if all were on one side.

Okaaay...something good something good something good.... You had epic imagery cycling through the poem! They accurately represented the effects of the water from the pier, the setting, the colors, wah! You can feel the emotions from your mirrored half, the determination on one side, the fear and the "don't do it!" look that pokes back.

I don't hear a voice,
Trying to call me back.
I don't feel my self being lifted or pulled
So this is what it boils down to.
Nothing in itself.
Let me fade off with this last adieu.

*Sadness has been increased by >9000!*

Posted Jan 27, '12 at 7:25pm



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They'll try to change you
But don't fall for it.
They'll make you like them.
But it isn't right.
They are afraid of
Being different.
They can't
Understand it.
Why are you afraid of
What you can't see?
Why do you have
To get mad at me?
I stand my ground
I won't back down.
Do what you want.
I'm here for only
A little while longer.
I can take your crap.
I don't need to be happy.
Just a little while longer...
I have this under control.


Posted Feb 4, '12 at 1:18pm



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The wolf laughs with unrestrained glee,
as he pounces on his prey,
killing it instantly.
Biting into the flesh of the deer,
He rears his head back,
And howls with a sneer.
Now he runs through the length of the forest,
And he runs into a small field.
Where he finds a very small girl,
Oh, what a deal!
The girl walks up to him,
And he looks back with a glare.
She reaches out to touch him,
And his nostrils flare.
Another human enters the field,
He becomes very tense,
The human screams and runs away,
Now this doesn't make sense.
Why did the human leave the girl?
Why didn't she follow the man?
It seems the girl has nowhere to go.
Now the wolf starts to make a plan.
He'll keep the girl,
Since the man, she didn't follow.
He'll raise her in his new pack of two,
Now his heart won't be so hollow.
So he walks back to the forest,
And the little girl is right beside him.
He walks into a large cave,
Where the humans won't be able to find them.
The wolf raises the girl as his own,
And the girl begins to learn.
She knows every part of the forest,
Every tree, every path, every fern.
She grows older and so does he.
Now the girl goes out alone.
He is not there to notice that,
Humans now know about his home.
One day the girl leaves,
And she never comes back.
The wolf now has to live alone
Now love ,again, he lacks.


Posted Feb 4, '12 at 3:29pm



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I feel bad for the wolf. Why did the girl leave him? Was she sick of the raw meat?


Posted Feb 12, '12 at 3:09pm



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Even if people refuse to look at you, thread, I still love you :<
Where there is life
There is death.
Where there is doom
There is hope.
Where there is hate
There is love.

It holds us together,
As much as it tears us apart
It cuts us away from each other,
While taping us all back in place.

Such contradictions
We will never understand
And to live through them
Is something that can't be planned

What do you choose?
Love, Hope, and Life?
Or Death, Doom, and Strife?
It isn't up to the world,
It is up to you.
What will you do?

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