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Arcuz 2 dungeon 7 problem

Posted Jan 1, '12 at 6:29am



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Hi everybody,

I have some problem with Arcuz 2 in the Dungeons at the 7th floor. There is a magic seal that thet stop me from continue. What do need to break the magic seal? I have the stone: Fire Yooseki


Posted Feb 23, '12 at 12:42pm



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I was having the same problem before.
Just press [space] near the magic sealed door.
That'll do it (opens it).
Sorry for late reply.
Just in case, u haven't solved it. LOL


Posted Feb 23, '12 at 5:35pm



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Before I just can't open the seal and train to level 40. Which not for a regular players do. They have max is level 30. They just tired of killing small spider and gain like 2 or 3 exp. per kill.

So like ch4oz3ni6m4 says, use the fire stone to break the seal. Later on when you have new guardian. You would do same thing but different stones instead. Remember don't sell them. That is the key to go to the gate.

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