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Help needed for a LARGE RPG PROJECT

Posted Jan 8, '12 at 1:05pm



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Sigh... I don't often reply to this kind of threads, but let me take the time to do so now.

Dear OP, you are an "Idea Guy".

In other words, you came up with an idea, and decided to turn it into a real game by sharing it and building a team.

Pro tip: This will never work. Never.

Let me tell you something. I know how to code, and I can do some pixel art, but this doesn't make of me an idea guy, because when I get a sparkle of enlightenment and when I get this great idea in my mind about this awesome block buster game... I make it on my own.
No offence meant to you, but having an idea for a game is easy, just as easy as getting inspired by playing another one, which is, if I read your posts right, exactly what happened.
Now, the tough part is to write the code for that, I spent days and days just writing the code to make mobs spawn correctly following a pattern. I spent even more time coding the experience system because I wanted something original.
Compare all that time and effort (and that ****ing frustration that comes so often with programming), to your 30 minutes of hard work thinking a game out.
I can think too, you know, I can make up an ideas for a game every minute. But, again, the hard part is to actually make it real.

Now, I am a programmer mainly, but what I do need is an artist, because that demands work too. And an artist needs a programmer, because that demands as much work (with a little bit more frustration, no offence meant )... But yeah, in a team, who needs a guy who sits down all day spurting impossible ideas and hell-to-code systems?

Point is: Be an artist, or a programmer. This is the only way you will make your game real.
Ideas never sell, hard work does.


Posted Jan 8, '12 at 1:36pm



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Dude, just ideas aren't enough. Just as ThyRaven stated, you have to give something in, rather than ideas. Its just too hard to work on ideas while the other guy just dreams and fantas away, and since it is just a small game, why the LARGE RPG PROJECT?

It takes too many hours to make a game (and if a good LARGE game, even more), and if you're low in time, you probably won't have what it takes to finish it, so maybe your ideas are a bit off.

Cool down and try to read it a bit understanding on our statements. Thy Raven gave perfect examples why a guy who just hands out ideas isn't wanted, since while everyone else will be actually doing the hard work, he'll just be sitting and waiting.

Hope you calm down and read through the real thing they're explaining you.


Posted Jan 14, '12 at 8:20am



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to comment on this. the game i want to make is a simple flash game nothing more. im not going to spend hours upon hours thinking and making sketches for something i don't even know will take off. that's why i want to get some people together so i know im not wasting my time, which i don't have tons of.

ThyRaven has pretty much covered everything else, and repeated to you what I said to you in my original post.

But to respond to the above post, what you mentioned in the beginning wasn't a simple flash game. Look at the title of the thread, what was it you wrote in there again?

You may not like what is being said to you, but basically you're not going to get this game off the ground without doing something yourself, and as ThyRaven has said, ideas don't make a game, programmers and artists do.

You've ranted about wanting to work as part of team, but you haven't demonstrated how you could lead a team or even be a valued member of a team. All you've done is come up with an idea, and rather than getting involved in the AG forums, getting to know the very coders and artists you are going to need, your first post is about how you have a large project and people should jump right onboard.

And sorry to burst your bubble, but that hours of sketching and storyboarding is something that needs doing before you post up on a forum that you have an idea. Games take a long time to put together, not just a 30 minute idea that you can't even be bothered to put together into a presentable form to persuade others to get involved.

In short, no one is going to dedicate their time and energy to a project that you're not willing to put a decent amount of effort into before you ask for other people's input. Unless you're an artist or a programmer, what possible benefit is there for anyone to team up with you, other than to waste their time while you try and get the very basic concept of the game down on paper?

Friendliest advice I can offer is do all the ground work for your project, get to know people here at AG and at the very least learn some basics of Flash. That way you can come back with a project that many will jump at the chance of being involved in.

And before you start with the insults again, read what I've written, read what ThyRaven has written and think about it.

Posted Jan 18, '12 at 10:48pm



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This thread has gotten a bit crazy in my opinion but some points people made are completely valid.

Dear OP, you are an "Idea Guy".

In other words, you came up with an idea, and decided to turn it into a real game by sharing it and building a team.

Pro tip: This will never work. Never.

It does work. Here is an example, look at the credits of any big game and you see hundreds of different people with different skill sets working on it. Writers, UI designers, Programmers, AI directors, Marketing teams, Lawyers for Legal consults, Artists, Engine programmers, Game designers, Level designers, Video game producers, Sound effects team lead ect...

A lot of the above jobs don't have anything to do with programming but are necessary for the scope of the game.

But here we have a independent flash game. Thus the most important person is the programmer. Behind him/her is the artist and game designer. The game designers role is to create an interesting and fun framework for the game with all the rules and mechanics.

There are minimal expectations of the "ideas man" or game designer in small flash games. Before you even make a topic you want to have a clear idea of the game/structure and gameplay. You would of spent many hours going through the idea and looking for flaws or what to improve. You would also want to have a design document so people know you are serious, what you game looks like and what you are capable of. If you can't provide anything you are a dead weigh that is leeching of individuals that have actual skills they are honing.

There are plenty of tutorials on game design on the internet so you can self teach yourself good game design like any other part of the team.

Asking for people to make a game for you with a few slapped, (11) ,on idea is like programming script kiddie asking for a 60 page design document and a artists with art assets.

I'm not trying to insult or put you down but you do want to prove that you have a useful skill that the others on your team don't have as refined and thought out as you do otherwise why would the programmer need you if they can just design up their own game without you?
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