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[Necro] iPhone VS. Android

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Posted Feb 19, '12 at 8:22pm



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First of all, Iphone is a phone, Android is a mobile OS. Are we comparing IOS to Android? Or are we comparing phones, in which case which two phones, Android is used on a lot of phones.

I think the graphics on the iPhone is better.

Uh, that depends on the phone, not the OS.

iPhones are less open which makes it more secure. Androids are pretty open, but have security issues.

It also limits what a developer can do. Developers for android have access to so many of the phone's features that iphone doesn't allow. Any app you need to jailbreak an iphone to get, you can get an app that does the same thing (and more) without doing anything to your android.

Posted Jan 25, '14 at 10:45am



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@master565 that's right!
Iphone is very expensive, and every Android phone is cheaper then iPhone!
I vote for Android OS! iOS ////


Posted Jan 26, '14 at 3:40am



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iPhone & Android are much the same, Some games need purchasing to do, some do not. The thing they don't have in common is their Logos.


Posted Jan 28, '14 at 5:15am



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This thread is going nowhere... locking it and putting it back to 2012 where it was buried. =)