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Original Orchestral music.

Posted Jan 29, '13 at 7:09pm



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I'm back!

I'm still in the business, a little slow nowadays because the job, the school and the two bands I play, and other things, so I should say I just have room for one or two assignments, but don't worry you will have your music on time.

So, mostly my newest works are from Vita Umbra, a RPG and being developed on RPG Maker VX Ace (I think) by Myles Gregory, other works are from the Backdoor Defense which was a tower defense like video game, this last one the music sounds different, more 90's than a "real" sound.

Vita Umbra - Boss Battle Theme

Backdoor Defense - Level 3

José Moreno - Project G.E.O

And a Christmas Rock Medley :)
José Moreno - Christmas Rock Medley

And more! Please visit my youtube channel;
or my website for more of my music;

Any questions please feel free to ask me here or at [email protected]

J. Moreno


Posted Feb 1, '13 at 7:56pm



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Hey, I'm loving your sounds.  I'm kind of in the same game, I dropped a comment or two on your soundcloud (rpgambience).  Keep it up!


Posted Jul 1, '13 at 4:53pm



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I never managed to edit the first post... anyway.


Long time not posting on this thread, I have been very busy with school matters, job matters, social matters, etc... but I managed to make some space to return into the music composition for indie video games or other media.

Still, I have some new material that I would like to share my newest music with you and maybe if possible work with a good team in a good project.

----------------- Youtube links -------------------

José Moreno - Arena y Libertad

The full - Main Theme

----------------- Soundcloud links ----------------

José Moreno - Tank Project track #1

José Moreno - Call of adveture!

*Visit my website for more info:                     
*Email me at:                                       
*[email protected]                         

Affordable prices! Message me to discuss rates.

Thank you.
José Moreno


Posted Oct 31, '13 at 3:18pm



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Special price from today October 31 to November 15, I'll low my fee to $15 USD per minute, $25 per two minutes and $30 per three minutes, no matter the amount of instruments, the reason I do this is because right now I don't have job and I have bills to pay haha.

These are my most recent works:

Others not so new:


Any questions please feel free to ask me here in the comment box, or by private or at [email protected]

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