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Paragon (Chapter IV, Page 3): Magic-City Hylatt

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I was on the edge of my seat until I realized there wasn't another line.


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Let's see what happens if I release part 2 on the weekend.

~Part II~

The assumed leader licked his chops and began to speak in a huffed tone, "Now what's a shiny-looking group like yerselves been comin here and struttin our territory aroun', eh?" Sweat began to drop around Balnades' forehead as he began to realize just how many men were looking down upon him. There couldn't have been more than 40 feet between the two cliffs enveloping the underpass. This would be a tight battle (if it came to it) and the carriages protecting the children would be in great danger. He put his hands upward in a passive gesture "We're just armed travelers looking to make our way into that town over there. That's all we mean to do. We won't encroach further and we'll look for another way afterwards. Just let us pass this one time." The bearded man huffed in laughter, which caused his army to laugh in turn. The laughter enveloped around the group, causing tension amongst the soldiers and making them stir. They clutched their weapons preparing for something to happen.

"What's going on, Brother?" asked Kashan. Allos replied, "I don't know, but I bet it isn't good. The paddlefeet don't like what they found either."

"Are we here already, Daniel?" asked Danielle as she piqued her curiosity by looking out the hole in the back of their carriage. "I wouldn't do that, Sis," warned Daniel. He grabbed her arm before she tried climbing out. "But what if we really are at home? I wanna see Mom and Dad!"

"Danielle, get back inside please," hissed Balnades. She took the hint and quickly stuck her head back in the carriage.

Kahna couldn't take anymore of the fearful laughter and began to cry. "No, please don't cry Kahna, everything will be all right!" cooed Elane, holding her close. Even so, she herself was beginning to sob.

"We need to do something!" cried a soldier in the back. KaelâThas remained steadfast. âWeâre stayinâ put âtil our commander tells us to jump in!â Be that as it may, his knuckles were white grasping his polished battleaxe. No one else was more itching for a fight than he.

"Be that a wee babe you got there?" sneered the leader of the raid party. "She no like none of this does she?" he began speaking in a mocking tone before laughing again.

"That is my daughter," spoke Balnades. "We're just passing through. Let us pass through to this town."

"Passing through my ***!" Balnades was startled by the sudden raising of his voice. "What travelers...pass through with army dogs?"
"We are armed travelers, I told you--"

"Not done I am! Travelers? Armed? Yes...All of yous are! Let me ask you something: What travelers wear the symbol of Lytal!?" The raiders booed and roared, clashing their weapons and shields together. It was clear that they were ready for a fight. They did not take kindly to patchy lies. "I wasn't done either," muttered Balnades. The raid leader turned his head in confusion. "What did you say?" he warned, voice heavy.

"I said, let us pass through to this town, and we will leave your men unharmed."

The raid leader seemed to be hoarse from laughter. " YOU? KILL US!? Your men look like they're barely off their bottle! Do you even know who I am? I'm Gerik the Lunatic, Class III Fighter, and your men will be as limbs if I get to them!" The soldiers surrounding the carriages weren't eager to take on such an unkempt, savage people, much less fight them on uneven ground. But Master Tristain wasn't impressed. He raised a finger and lightly put "If." Balnades was aghast at another person trying to speak down a raiding party. He muttered, "Master Tristain, please let me speak from this point forward! I'm trying to keep our children from as much harm as possible!"

"You gonna let an old fart speak now, whelp? This be rich." The raiding party harassed them even further, some outliers gesturing unkindly.
"Listen Balnades," Master Tristain assured by clapping his hand on his shoulder, "I don't think these people are in the mood for just letting us go. We better end it quickly before they get the jump on us first."
"But what can the group as a whole do? It will take a while for them to even climb up ready to fight them!"

"That's where I come in. You talk them down some more, and I will sit down and prepare something." Master Tristain's eyes were flashing a golden hue.
"O-okay. I hope what you're doing is going to help out." Balnades managed to leave a grin on his face.

Tensions were higher still inside the carriages and that only made the children even more curious. "I hope nothing bad's gonna happen, Allos," worried Kashan. "Hey, don't worry little brother," assured Allos. "If anybody nasty barges through here, they will have to get past me!" He flashed his patchwork shortsword, something that appeared obviously handed down from his older brother when he was his age. He looked confident, but slumped over when Kashan mentioned "but you don't have any armor on; youâll get hurt out there."

Balnades turned his head towards the raid leader Gerik while Master Tristain sat down and focused his hands into something. "Are you people working for anybody?" he asked. "We work for many people" he snickered. "Many people want our work, because we work very. Very. Well." The two soldiers in front of the party swallowed in fear.

"So maybe you're working for, say, the nation Kaivim's king Servos?"
"Maybe we are, maybe we aren't! I don't think it matters for you to know, does it?"

"It sure does. Because we are going to be the ones left alive in this fight." Balnades smirked.

"Bah!" The raid leader waved him off. "You make big talk, but your fight will be boring."

A hooded figure moved towards Gerik and whispered to him. "Warlord Gerik, there's a disturbance in wind down there. Someone must be concentrating power in one of the carriages." After the message was over, his eyebrows were raised high. "WHAT? SOMEONE'S USING MAGIC DOWN THERE?â The raiding party mashed their faces in vehemence, breathing angrily. âCome on Gerik,â said a female raider, âLetâs shut this manâs trap and get on with it!â He flashed his teeth and nodded. âTrying to trap us, eh? That tears it, you're all dead meat! Destroy those carriages, wizard!"
"My pleasure." The same hooded figure conjured a spinning octogram with runes that trickled down shining, crimson particles that collected in the middle. The mass increased in size, until the octogram spun so fast, the lettering was blurred and the borders shined white. Suddenly, the octogram imploded to nothing and the force propelled the burning mass down into the carriages.

Balnades saw the fireball coming, but he could not prepare in time to react and instead panicked. "No! NO!" He began reeling for the front of the cart, but then Master Tristain shouted "Now!" He released his hands and the golden energy that gathered around him shot towards every soldier he wished and enveloped them in light. When his hands both shot pivoted up the cliff, every soldier blanketed in the light, including Balnades, Gustav, and himself, rocketed above the cliff with the sound of cannon fire. They were spooked beyond belief, but now they were falling towards the raiding party, and now they were ready to fight.

This, however, did not stop the fireball; moments after the group teleported to the battleground, the fireball met its target: the rear carriage. The resounding explosion swallowed the carriage in flames while the rest of the wagons were rocked in pure force, sending them crashing to the sides of the cliff. The paddlefeet could not bear to stand, sending trumpeting cries of pain. Balnades looked on in horror. "Dammit!" He shouted. "Don't worry Balnades," soothed Master Tristain, "that was the cargo wagon. Your plan worked just fine. The rest of the carriages aren't hurt too badly."

"Good. Th' kids're all mostly unharmed. With tha' out o' th' way," interrupted Kael'Thas, "This means we can fight with doubt in mind!" Balnades did not care about this detail and his face was red in anger. He shouted down at his enemies, "How dare you people attack a carriage with children on board! You won't walk away from this, I swear it! Even if I have to end you myself!"

The soldiers touched down and began to fight immediately. Swords, spears, axes, and shields clashed with metal as battle cries and bellowing echoed throughout the land. Bodies were wrestled to the ground and both Lytalian soldiers and raiders were struggling to keep up. The raid leader opened his mouth surprised. It looks like his assumptions were wrong. He heaved up his battleaxe but Balnades fell in front of him. He stood up shouting "You may have more men, but our men are far stronger and more disciplined than yours!" The raid leader's brow quivered in distress. "Well then raise your sword behind you if think that's all true!" Balnades simply sprinted towards him. "I won't need a weapon to destroy you! I'm not impressed!"

He raised an armored fist and slammed into the mercenary's chest, propelling him through the air and into a small tree, splitting it in several pieces. Gerik struggled to brace himself up, coughing and wheezing. He raised his battleaxe after situating himself and charged at Balnades to swing with all his might. The sharpened blade swiped down like a guillotine, but the battleaxe rebounded after attempting to slice through his massive armor. The blade of the battleaxe crackled and pieces were chipped off. "W-what kind of man are you to be wearing this monstrosity!? This is ridiculous! How am I hurt so badly?" Balnades swiftly grabbed the battleaxe out of the raider's hand and threw it to the ground. "I am Balnades Skryom! And you have harassed the wrong father!" Simply by hearing the name, the raider scampered backward, throwing dirt unto his legs, trying to crawl away from him. He threw his waving arms in front of him, heaving "Wait a minute! No one told me I would have to f-fight you! This was a set up! I-I-I-I thought that I would be raiding some common people! Not someone as f-f-famous as you! P-please! Just l-let me go! I won't bother you or anyone else, I s-swear it!"

"WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?" Balnades bellowed, sending pockets of air to ripple the raider's face. Gerik whimpered, tears and mucus coming out of his eyes and nose. "I-i'll tell you! B-but you have to promise to leave me b-be!" He grunted, sounding impatient.

"H-his name is S-Se--" the raid leader couldn't finish before being impaled by an ethereal spear. Gerik gasped one final "GYAOOHH" before falling to the ground motionless. The spear was pulled from his body, and the hooded mage was the culprit.


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If I get enough brandy, I can explain! Maybe.

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If I get enough brandy, I can explain! Maybe.

There ain't enough brandy in the world, babe. Sorry. No excuses.

But keep up the good work

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Chapter III, part 3/3:

His reddish-yellow robes still swaying in the wind meant he appeared at Gerik's feet just moments ago. "Nobody declares the master's name and expects to walk away." Balnades was stricken with a sudden fear in his stomach. (When did he get here?) he thought. (I better attack him right now while he's still speaking....)

Balnades rushed to the hooded mage and swung with his armored fist. The blow connected and the air around him spun, disturbing the grass and the damaged tree. The mage bent over, but his body began to blur, then simply disappeared, but not before the face stretched to create a smirk. "A shade." he muttered.

Balnades turned to the back, where the fight was still ongoing. Bodies of the Lytalian guard were dotting the battleground, but many more were from the raiding party. He scoped the battle, trying to find a trace of the mysterious wizard he failed to hit and for any soldier needing assistance. After moments of searching, he finally found his target: the mage was squatting amidst the top of a tree, occasionally firing fireballs and relocating himself when anyone attempted to throw javelins at him. He ran towards the next tree that became his hiding spot, but he needn't get involved--"Kael'Thas was hot on his trail. Axe raised high, he flew himself at the mage. The enemy merely scoffed at this hasty attempt and waved this hand. A gust of wind kicked up and pushed Kael'Thas with a force strong enough to stop him in midair, then slamming him on hard earth. The dwarf coughed up spittle and gasped "Blast it! I can' hit em while he's still watchin' me! The mysterious wizard returned to firing more spells at unwary Lytalian soldiers.

A sudden rustling of the branches surrounding the wizard unnerved him--Master Tristain appeared behind the hooded mage and tapped on his back. "Why don't you fight another magic user like me?" Before the wizard turned his head to make a move, the hand touching his back began to sparkle with fluid energies that vibrated with rising, intense noise. The energy grew in immense size with increasing frequency of noise. "I would watch your head if I were you", he warned. The enemy's eyes grew in size.
SHOOM. The energy collapsed, slingshotting the mage into the sky with a blaze of various lights and popping explosions. The magic was too powerful for the wizard to counterattack; he fell to the ground with a crunch, his back singed with burns.

Reeling back in pain, he muttered, "D***. I thought I could get away from being targeted. He didn't tell me there would be another mage in the group..." the mage struggled to clap his hands together. His body and the ground below him vibrated. A pale blue light surrounded him and engulfed his body. When the light dimmed, he was nowhere to be found.

Almost all the battle has been won by the Lytalian guard. The soldiers were celebrating their victory, while the remaining raiders were scattered without a leader. "Yes! We won! Get out of here you smelly bandit!" A soldier carrying a sword and shield bashed a bandit to the side of the cliff and kicked him off, sending him tumbling down. "That will show you! VICTORY TO LYTAL!"

"You overzealous idiot, look where you kicked him!" Shouted another soldier. "He's landing next to the carriages!"

"What did you say!?"

Kael'Thas heard that, crawling to the onlookers. "Th' children!"
"After him!" commanded Balnades. He threw himself over the cliff and dived.

The bandit rolled over the cliff and slid to the ground, where the carriages awaited him. "No...I won't be beaten like the rest." He breathed in heavily. "If I die here, at least I will see what it is they're guarding in here..." He motioned to one of the fallen wagons and moved inside. There, a hunched-over Kashan and a frightened Allos were crouched, trembling. "What..." the bandit spoke, puzzled. "Children? They're guarding children? Wait a minute!" His eyes darted around their bodies, gleaming at the clothing they wore. "You must be the noble brats! You're coming with me! Someone in my group is gonna be rich, so it mights as well be me getting some clink!"

"No!" screamed Allos. "You're n-not touching me or my brother!"

"Shut up! Stop being a bunch of spoiled punks a--" The bandit stepped too far inside and hadn't noticed that Allos had also moved forward. The rogue suddenly became rigid. He looked downward and noticed the short sword that Allos was clinging for protection had gone too far and pierced the bandit's chest plate.

"Y-you...just--" The bandit hunched forward and slumped, to Allos's horror. His eyes grew wider as the color faded from his skin.

"I..I, no... I-I didn't..."

"Is everything okay down there!?" Shouted a voice from above. It was Gustav, sliding down the cliff, while the rest of the party joined his initiative. He pushed the raider's body out of the way and found Allos stiff as a board. His trembling hands dropped his sword as it fell to the carriage floor with a dull *clunk*.

" I-I just...?" Gustav peered towards the body, then back to his little brother. "Well would you look at that!? You just made your first kill! That's my little brother! Well done!"

"My boys--my little girl--where's my little girl?" Balnades checked through each of the carts to pull out the twins Daniel and Danielle, then finally, in the back of the broken cart to the right, was Elane clutching the frightened Kahna in her arms, both of them sobbing. "Oh thank the Lords and Ladies. Come on--let's pull you both out." Elane hopped out of the cart, but couldn't walk--her right ankle was twisted. Kahna made it out with only a scratch on her left cheek, but made it a point to notify everyone that she got a scratch anyway. "shhh shhh it's okay sweetie--"everything's fine, everything's okay, I gotcha."

The five children walked to the center to check out everyone's health. "Are you okay Elane?" Asked Kashan. "Y-yeah, it's just a twisted foot."

"We made it out okay," said Danielle, "but why were we attacked?" "I wish I knew the same thing", spoke Balnades, "I couldn't get the answer out of their leader". He stood puzzled, staring at his eldest son, who nodded.

"Maybe we should worry about one thing at a time," suggested Master Tristain, who floated down to the party. "Let's fix these carriages and get going before everyone is worried sick." Balnades looked to the injured paddlefeet. "I wonder if they are even able to carry us to the town in this state." It was then decided that the group spent the remainder of the afternoon patching up the paddlefeet and repairing the four carriages that were broken in the attack. The movement strategy had to be tweaked, due to five soldier casualties and one completely destroyed carriage filled with supplies. Balnades led the front, Gustav and Master Tristain watched from the sides, and Kael'Thas took to the rear. Once everything was finalized, the children climbed back into their carriages and waited until the gleaming lights of their destination grew bigger.

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Time to get back in gear! New chapter right now!

~*Chapter IV: Magic-"City Hylatt*~ (Part 1)

Even half an hour after the ordeal when things settled down was Allos still inconsolable; he squatted in a corner of the carriage silent, just staring at his shaking hands. Kashan had to find a way to lift his spirits.

"Come on, Allos," he started, "If it wasn't for you, both of us would be goners! He was a bad guy and needed to be taken out!"

But that only fanned the flames for his older brother. "This isn't a game, Kashan!" he yelled, making his little brother slide in his seat. "I killed a man, his life is over, and it's all because of me!"

"But you saved both of us." Kashan countered. "And that means something to me at least."

Gustav beside this carriage heard the commotion and moved to the front of it. "What matters is that he is dead and you both are not. He was nothing but a bandit and you put a stop to that. You saved your brother's life. Are you really going to turn down your first rescuee?"

"You are used to killing, so it doesn't affect you anymore", retorted Allos.

He changed the tone of his voice. "Depends on who you kill, really: bandits and would-be-thieves, not so much. But others..."

The various murmuring of soldiers and the snorting of paddlefeet could only mean that the journey was over. "Magic-City Hylatt", confirmed Gustav. "This is where you and your friends are staying, Kashan: in a thick crowd, lots to do, and plenty of security to watch over it."

"Why do you guys have to go again?" whined Kashan. "We were just together and now you're going away just like that."

"Yes we are", he stated simply."We're still not done with our business. But when we are, I promise we'll have plenty of time to catch up."

"That's what you said last time."

"Look", he paused, "being a soldier is very busy work and we have a lot on our plate right now. Isn't this what you dreamed of being when you're grown up?"

"Yeah, I guess"

"At least you'll still be with your friends, right?" he assured.

The carriages came to a halt behind a wooden gate supported by tall beams and lanky-looking footmen overlooking it. The party would have to be given the OK before entering. One of them with a patchy beard piped up.

"This is Hylatt, who are you soldiers and what are you doing bringing yourselves in here?"

"You know who I am and what we're doing here, now move it!" shouted Balnades in a surprising change in mood. The corrected guard got the message."C-Commander Balnades! Very sorry to keep you like this! I couldn't see that far away, you see."

He began cranking away at the gears, allowing the gate to slowly reveal the city of Hylatt to the party, glowing in the sunset. Kashan clambered to the front of the carriage to watch as dozens of people commuted to and fro from each brick-filled house, villa, shop, smithy, barracks, arena, and farmhouse enclosed in the iron-infused stone walls of the city. The smooth roads separated to allow patches of grass and trees to grow with flocks of birds to inhabit them, making the environment a stunning sight! Loose paper flew as one citizen rushed to the alleyways late for work. Another was examining wares in an open-forum apothecary, muttering "You'll sell interdimensionary sickle scrolls for 88 gemelds but make us pay out the rear for thunderballs? Ridiculous!" Kashan's carriage made a left across the sputtering water fountain before watching how the transaction went.

"We'll be keeping you here," pointed Gustav as the group passed through another large intersection amongst other travelers before stopping at a rather large inn with colorful windows that reflected the sun's rays in a spectrum and several crescent moons with faces on the walls to advertise their rooms.

Kashan--and Allos, dreadfully--stepped out of their carriage as the twins, her sister, and Elane also left and joined at the front door."I think you'll be rather excited about this place, little brother." Gustav spoiled.

There were some hurried voices coming from within that grew louder as the door opened. A middle-aged woman with her hair in a bun pushed the door wide as her tied apron fluttered. She looked to Balnades, then to Daniel and Danielle and made a gasping noise. "Danielle! Danielle! My darlings, it's so good to see you!" She grabbed both of their sides in an impressive embrace.

"Mom--ouch, that hurts!" Daniel complained. "hehe, we missed you too, mom." Giggled Danielle.

"How was the trip here?" their mother asked, and they talked over all that happened in exchange for being allowed to breathe. Their father soon stepped outside as well, and couldn't quite do the same feat as his wife, as he was quite shorter in comparison. His pale face and reddened nose suggested he was coming down with something. He let out a loud sneeze as he attempted to also hug his children. "Hi dad!" Danielle called. "No--wait, please don't hug us, your whiskers hurt." Too late--he was already smothering the two in his pronounced, tangled beard.

Balnades gave a hearty laugh and greeted, "Baldwin! That cold of yours isn't killing you I hope?"

"Can't complain, sir!" He replied, "with all you have to deal with, a cold is practice!"

"You don't have to call me 'sir' do you? We're old friends aren't we?"

"True, but I think your soldiers are a little jealous of said friendship!" they chuckled as they were welcomed inside (the paddlefeet were to be rested in the attached stables nearby).

"Spirits! But hold the Downers!" roared Baldwin's pun as the group filed around the stained tables and sat down over a popping fire in the hearth. Kael'Thas felt right at home: he and Master Tristain plopped down on a table in the corner of the inn whilst accepting a large mug.

"Unbelievable", Master Tristain scowled, "drinking on the job of protecting these children. They look up to you, you know!"

"Ahh shaddup, whaddaya know", dismissed Kael'Thas after taking a large gulp,"Wha's wrong wit' a little after-battle celebration, eh?"

"You're not going to rise up in the ranks with that attitude..."

"I'm tired here! I took a nasty plunge from tha' uppity mage and now me back hurts like hell. Lemme alone this one time, okay? 'sides, yeh could do wit' a bit o' cheerin' up yerself--yer more stiff than all th' bricks in this inn!" he chuckled and downed his mug.

The darkened, warm atmosphere was making Kashan a little sleepy. The kids squatted by their parents (Elane followed the Skryims) and received milk and fruit juice by the kind barman.

"I need to know, Balnades," muttered Baldwin. "How much longer? Have the kings made a consensus?"

"Yes, please tell us," the wife followed suit, "I don't want the war to last long enough for my babies to sign up in this awful combat."

"Sorry Deidre," apologized Balnades, "There is a small hiccup--that really means a big problem." He told them about the one nation's king who didn't attend the conference.

"I can't believe that King Melrom didn't go!" Baldwin spoke after listening. "He's either lazy or scheming, and it wouldn't be the first that he's done the latter!"

"You gotta put pressure on him, Balnades," suggested Baldwin as Deidre poured more alcohol for the two. Balnades pushed Kashan's hand away for trying to grab a sip.

"I just can't," he finalized. "Kaivim is a large nation, and Melrom is a powerful ruler--very diverse spellcaster--he and I were rivals back when we were first-classes. Maybe it's because he's so powerful that he's been resistant for so long."

"Don't say that," Baldwin interrupted."The other nations signed the armistice not because they were weak and you struck fear into their hearts--it's because they too are sick of this long war."

"That's enough, you two," warned Deidre."I'll have none of this war talk while there are children present!" They peered around the room to see that all the kids were fixed intently on the subject. "Can't we all just talk real gossip and be merry?"

"Yeah, this grown-up talk is boring," Daniel whispered in Kashan's ear after he climbed out of his chair. "Let's get out of here and have some fun."

"Where are we going, Dan?" Kashan asked as his arm was suddenly being pulled by Danielle.

"Where else, dummy?" Danielle chastised. "Your cousin is staying here too, right? How could you forget that? We're going to see him!"

"Yeah, we aren't really a group until we have that uppity bookworm tagging along, are we?" her brother added.

"Well, then, let's go!" resolved Kashan. "I think I still know the way."

The three children slipped away from their parents and sneaked through the door while they were chatting about their old days. Elane got the message and went after them. Little Kahna tried to follow suit, but was picked up by her dad. "Where are you going, little one? Mommy will be down to feed you soon. Where is Lucy by the way?"

The two exchanged hesitant looks. After receiving another look of Balnades's own, Baldwin finally stated "Lucy went back to Lytal."

He looked as if he was about to blow a gasket. "SHE WHAT!?" he bellowed while pounding a fist on the table, crippling the table legs, and giving the other inn patrons worried faces. "S-She insisted, old friend! She felt she needed to protect the capital while you were away, and it's not like I could have done anything to stop her--she is quite strong after all--and I agree, she could right well protect it well and good---

"Our capital isn't as safe as she thinks it is!" he explained.

"So she IS doing a service by going there to protect it!" Baldwin reasoned jokingly. His friend glared at him severely, which he responded by sneezing.

"With what transpired just then, somehow, I don't think Lytal is as sturdy as we all think..."

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10/10 ign

"It's a thrilling story about Lassie and his dog, which teaches the important lessons of love, longing, and redemption."
~ New York Times Best Seller

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