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Raze 2 chat room

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Posted Feb 8, '12 at 7:09pm



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Raze 2 is a very liked game addictive for me. I like this game because it has a lot of activity and a lot of content like packs, but what I dislike about this game is the packs cost so much like 6,000 or even more. I,d also like tosuggest this game to action gamers. I rate this game 10/10
because it's very addictive like I said in the first part of my chat. I rated it 10/10 because it's addictive and has so many maps on it and the weapons have a big veriety of guns and they have so many characters. Warning lots of blood


Posted Feb 8, '12 at 7:23pm



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1. Chat rooms are not allowed in the forums of AG
2. This would belong in the Flash games section
3. Felt like this list should have three instead of two, so here it is.

Warning lots of blood

Wait, what?

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