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How the US Government will end

Posted Jun 29, '12 at 3:31pm



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Still not seeing anything wrong with Obama or Communism. If anything, the Republicans are much more likely to be the downfall of America, judging by George Bush's presidency.


Posted Jun 29, '12 at 6:00pm



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If anything, CAPITALISM-or at least its products-will destroy the American government. The rich bankers and hedge fund managers will use Citizens United v. F.E.C. to flood elections with money, and use that money to buy candidates that they want. Soon, I fear that special-interest groups will control America. Congress already declared pizza a vegetable thanks to lobbyists on behalf of the companies which provide frozen pizzas for school, the salt industry, and potato growers (the USAD tried to curtail french fries, sodium, and other unhealthy foods).

If we start placing the profits of business ahead of the health of our own children, our country in in a sad state indeed.


Posted Jun 30, '12 at 7:05pm



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The inability to try and solve problems. Rather than angrily debating them. That is what will destroy United States. Democracy is a beautiful thing. Riots are not.

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