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Canvas Rider

One of the best games ever made! I'm posting it here since this is a game site!

Ex. You only get 2 colors, grey and black, and you try and make the best of it!!

Canvas Rider is an addictive game where you ride a bike on tracks drawn by other players.
It's entirely written in JavaScript & HTML5, using the most of the new <canvas> element.
Controls are simple: press UP to pedal, DOWN to brake, LEFT & RIGHT to balance, Z to turn around.
If you crash, you can always press ENTER to restart or BACKSPACE to cancel checkpoint(s).
There are hundreds of new tracks submitted daily, so be sure to check the subcategories for the very best ones!

So you can use this game as an art medium, or just a fun bike game!

Hope you all reply with what you think! Plus some of the tracks have over millions of plays so if you guys join and make art/track you will get famous! A few weeks ago there was a contest so be sure to join the next one!!

If you want to play my tracks, here is the link:

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