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Questioning AG3-kinda confused

Posted Feb 19, '12 at 2:31am



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Ive been on AG3 and as I understand it is still working progress, but there are some things I just don't get. I know that I am probably just not seeing stuff here and there but i wont know unless I ask.

When you go on a game, there is no comments box. Also, I cannot find the forum. I can not actually find the log in bit either. Are you just scrapping these things? They worked well, armor games has a great system going now. A clear one as well. It is like you are taking the community of armor games away. It just becomes a site where there are some games............

Sometimes, when i go on i am logged in. Sometimes I'm not logged in to AG3. And when I'm not, I cannot find the log in thing.

On my personal profile on AG3 it just gives a number of plays and that's it. It shows my favorite games,but that's it. No personal wall. Everyone talks to each over though there personal wall. Kinda not there......... Also, there is no personal level with armor points. Are you scrapping armor points? Are you scrapping your level.

The only thing i can say I like about it is the background, the sign and the better game search!


Posted Feb 19, '12 at 2:40am



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@I can't find [interaction]: They have not yet been implemented for the reason that they would reset it a lot, and it wouldn't carry backwards to AGv2 (this). So no comments, no rating, no forums on that site yet.

@Logging in: They are probably screwing around on the code then. As long as it is only sometimes.

@profile: See first reply.
(And they are going to scrap AP as we know it, yes, check out the Reputation sticky up there).


Posted Feb 19, '12 at 8:20am



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don't forget it's a beta so it's not completed yet...only to see how it will look like when it's done


Posted Feb 19, '12 at 2:54pm



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i just want to be technical here and say AG3 is not beta AG2 is AG3 is gamma (or whatever the third letter in the Greek alphabet is)

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