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Remember this game?

I haven't updated it for months. In fact, I haven't used Flash for a very long time now and my ActionScripting skills are very rough. Part of it is due to schoolwork and the other part was that I decided to learn a bit of Python.

Anyway, I decided that the best way for me to get my AS3 skills back up to par and also help the community here a little bit is to write a tutorial!

I'll be explaining exactly and with detail every single step and design process of the game up opefully teach not just how to make that game, but also the basic fundamentals of flash game development (eg. the concept of the main game loop), best design practises(eg. burden of knowledge), and some other tips as well.

They may take a while to come out, but that's because I'm aiming for quality here. Most of the tutorials on the net are pretty bad and I don't want mine to be the same.

So now... the first step! I need a platform to host the tutorial on. Does anyone know a good website? I'm looking for something that let's me use lots of different formatting, host flash files and a comment system.

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You could do it on a blog and host the source on github.

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