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Hello all. Trying to complete the achievements on Arcuz 2, however, I am having a tough trying to complete some of them even mean. So, I read through the entire 54 pages of the other Arcuz thread on here, and got some help for random achievements here and there.

This is what I've come up with so far, Please correct me if I am wrong and I would greatly appreciate it if you can help with the ones I have no idea (put ??????? next to ones i cannot get):

50 combos - I believe get a 50 combo, which is easily achievable through the course of normal gameplay

Combo King - ????? 999 combo - I have not gotten this yet, but I read where someone said use the three-way wave special attack (guessing on a final boss) and have ur weapon equipped with poison, so the poison on the boss causes the combos to rack up, does that sound right?

Collector - assemble an equipment set, i believe you get this when u make it to chapter 2 and u get the special red background equipment set

Slime Scrape - kill 10 green slimes

Skull Smasher - defeat the skeletion boss, he starts appearing in later levels,

Historian - ???????? collect old notes, i believe these are the chronicles? i have collected two of them so far, the second one was on dungeon 35ish (level where there are traps) in a green chest

Quester - beat the game quests

Lore keeper - pump space at the well and a tree next to paul

Kimura's Wrath - ?????? Jump on him 10 times, really tough one, been trying this, anyone have any suggestions? i find that its not bad idea to jump to left and then right rather then just trying to jump straight up and down on him, also someone else suggested pusing him into a corner,

Iron Defense - ??????? perfect defend 10 times, anyone have any strategies on this? guessing u need one of those special active defenses?

Charge cutter - ?????? release charge 10 times, for some reason this doesn't work for me, so i got the two upgrades on the charge (where u hold down attack key) and i did it countless times, for some reason doesn't work

Trial Champion - beat the trials from the trial stones, there are 4 levels

Alchemist - make a level 2 attribute

Transmorgifier - make level 4 attribute

Perseverance - Die 99 times, haven't gotten this, but seems self explanatory

Treasurer - find the color treasure chests, will find in normal course of game play

Dungeon Keeper - ?????? no idea where this endless dungeon is?

Great Hero - beat the game, only need to beat it the first time,

Legendary Sword - Get the yitian sword, u also need to equip it to unlock the achievement, i got mine from a gold chest in one of the dungeons where u first meet the giant lizards

Guardian of Arcuz - reach level 120

Demon Slayor - Defeat the Balor a second time, i am almost there, i read somewhere that in order to this u have to point all of your character points into strength and agility to even have a chance, is that true? anyone beat him the second time and have any strategies

Well thanks for reading, I hope someone can help me with the questions, thanks again


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Wow dude, you must know a lot about Arcuz 2?. To get dual weapon, we have to have that skill first or we have to get it by combine two same or different weapon?.


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thanks man, u have to get the skill first,

however, i dont recommend getting using ur ability points for the duel, since u are not able to use the final blow which is very powerful

I really hope someone helps me out with these achievements been trying for weeks to finish them, Searched all over the internet, cannot find help anywhere, the other thread has been dead for over a month so guessing people moved on from this game, hopefully someone comes to the rescue


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so far i found three knights chronicles,

i can't remember where u find u the first one, but i am pretty sure its found in the normal course of gameplay, u find it right after paul goes off to fight,

the second one is found in one of the trap dungeons ( i believe the second to last one), its next to a bunch of other chests

the third one is found on D42, instead of walking down to the altar where celeste is, u have to walk to the right and then down, its kind of hidden and secretive location,

now i am not sure if there is only 3, guessing there is more because i haven't unlocked the historian achievement, however, i by accident dropped the first chronicle, so not sure if u need all chronicles in ur inventory to unlock the achievement, guessing u just need to find them and so there must be more than 3


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also, i unlocked the iron defense achievement , u have to get the deflection ability which is active (meaning u need to assign a key to it),

so pretty much u need to do a perfect block 10 times, which is pretty easy to do on the centurions or the big guys with the axe, just hit the deflection key right before they are about the strike you, it'll actually say perfect block,


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ok so i got more of the achievments (or found out how to unlock them)

Historian - so i guess it was actually only the three since the achievement did end up locking after restarting browser( read previous post)

Charge cutter - i guess u have to perfectly time the release of the charge, u have to do it right before the ground halo will appear, so ur release coincides with the halo,if u do this a whole bunch of times at different timings u will eventually get it,

999 combo - i have not gotten the 999 combo yet but I found out there are two ways of getting it, one way is to go into the second knights chronicles, the one celeste follows you, and u just have to keep running around avoiding the shadow boss' strike since it will break up ur combo, and let celeste strike him which will rack up the combos, also, not sure if u might need ur sword equipped with poison - so celeste's strike is poisoned as well, since when poison is on an enemy the hit count goes up, i am not able to test this out since i already went into the chronicle and am no longer able to go back,

another way to get the 999 combo which i haven't tried yet is to first get the tiger jump, then to kill a ghost until they turn into a hole bunch of them, then to just keep jumping on them,

The ones I have not gotten yet, and would appreciate some help:
Dungeon keeper - i am not sure if this is the infinite arena (celeste challange), i think it might be, when i bear it, i clicked high scores causing the screen to freeze, so not sure if this is it, i would try it again, but I just realized i have to start the whole game over anyways, because:

Demon Slayer - i wasted all of my ability points and did not get the damage deflection, apparantly u need this skill since the only way to beat him is by deflection his own blows, and apparantly it takes hours


Posted Mar 5, '12 at 11:24pm



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KIMURA's WRATH - I forgot to mention that I still am not able to get this one, any advice?

DEMON SLAYER - I actually do not need help on Demon slayer, I just have to restart the game,

I guess the only way you can beat him is to make sure u get the Damage Reflection Ability, and then take of all of your armor, except your shield, weapon, ring, necklace, belt, and bracelet

(I saw a youtube video) it seems thay pretty much u want to strike him until u get his armor all the way down (close to the end), then use berserk and the damage deflection ability for his next blow to be deflected back onto himself


Posted Mar 6, '12 at 1:21am



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GREAT News, so I literally killed two bird's with one stone,

so i went for the 999 combo by jumping on the ghosts heads (see 2nd previous post) which i achieved rather easily, and in the process i jumped on kimura's head 10 times in a row (and got 2 roasted turkeys from chests that came out, it was cool)

so all that is is left is this Endless Dungeon, which i am going to go for again by beating the infinite arena, (luckily i saved the SOL file and reopened it)

i will eventually get all of these achievements, i guess which means restarting the whole game to beat balor twice, and i will post an image


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and just to be clear on a previous post the historian achievement is the 3 knights chronicles,

now the first one i believe is found in a dungeon (with traps maybe), u will soon discover this right around the time that u enter the quest where Paul runs off, and i am sure u will find this in normal gameplay as long as u explore all trap dungeon areas (wall to wall),

the second one is found after u beat the game once and are going thru all the levels again, it is once again found in a trap dungeon area, one of the last of these trap dungeons, i believe the second to last one,

and the third chronicle is found on D42 (i found it after i beat the game a first time, not sure if that makes a difference) walk to to the right and then down, u will see what i am talking about, its like a secret passage


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I feel like a dork that is just talking to myseld


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