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Player to Designer Intimacy

Posted Mar 11, '12 at 6:13pm



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Maybe a way that players can submit suggestions or ideas straight to a collective page where designers can view ideas they may want to use or alter.


Posted Mar 11, '12 at 8:13pm



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Perhaps this will be a feature in the Developer's Corner.

As for the idea itself, you can just as easily post a comment on a designers profile, but it wouldn't get quite as much response, I wouldn't think. And unless you were to spam developer's messengers with comments about a game you want made, that wouldn't be exactly easy, nor would mods like you for it. This isn't that bad of an idea, especially if the suggestion were non-specific (vs. something like 'another Blue Elephant game!' 'another Crush the Castle,' etc.) and all of the developers were able to see the suggestion and 'claim' it or something.

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