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Posted Mar 13, '12 at 4:22pm



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I always liked when the random games weren't an advertisement and I could sometimes find a hidden treasure. I think it would be a good idea to have a section for both an advertisement and a REAL random game. Maybe you could have a game of the day?


Posted Apr 16, '12 at 7:34pm



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cool idea


Posted Apr 16, '12 at 8:30pm



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Back in the day, the 'Random Game' was actually a random game, I think, but it made the site lag too much, so they pulled it. They might be implementing it in AG3... I forget. If you look on the beta site at the moment, they do have a 'Promoted Game', though.

If you want to do it manually, though, you could program a random number generator between zero and the latest game number (the latest one says 13160). You'd have to do some reloading, though, since there are about 2,300 some games between the numbers of 0 and 13,161. You just type '' and the random number, and that should take you to a game, if it exists.


Posted Apr 17, '12 at 1:28am



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Ohhhh i'm gonna try that :P



Posted Apr 17, '12 at 11:26am



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They might be implementing it in AG3... I forget.

I recall a few threads made on their GetSatisfaction page where they were considering adding it back in. Here's one of them. It said under consideration, but that was a year ago.

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