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Posted Mar 22, '12 at 4:01am



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I recently lost everything I had been working on in terms of the game I was trying to make, but being that I had a rather limited knowledge of Game Maker it was difficult. I want to start again, but I'd rather know Game Maker inside out first. I was wondering if there was anything out there that acts like a how to for everything Game Maker related, other than the dry, boring manual thats about as engaging as rubbing cardboard on your face. So if anyone out there knows of something like that, please comment, suggest it to me, link it etc. I have a lot of spare time and want to do this, but I can't find anything that actually explains things. Who knows, maybe I'm just really really stupid


Posted Mar 22, '12 at 4:30am



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Your best bet is the Game Maker forums. There are tons of tutorials out there and you can ask questions and people will help you with them as well.

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