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Posted Jun 1, '12 at 10:05am



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High temperatures
In the day on Mercury
The smallest planet
In the Solar System now
It has a rocky surface


Posted Jun 8, '12 at 9:51pm



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Man, what happened? No posts for awhile. I, personally, would obviously like to say it was me keeping this together :3 I left and people stopped writing.
No, this isnt a coincidence, what are you talking about?! (hopefully not sarcasm :P)
ExitPath, nice try, but you used the SECOND Mercury in your poem, which you did not include. Scholars would get that confused with the Roman Hermes if they didnt read your poem. Though, good point, me, what would a scholar be doing on a game site? Annnyyyywaaaayyy...
I dropped in to see how this was going. Not well. We need to get this more popular, even if all we have left is False Hope, then we must try!

Like we used to

Going down by the lake
Where we used to
But with no sake
Without you.

Singing like we used to
I see you staring
I stare at you
If only we didn't stop caring...

Ta-da! If only I had better ideas, then this woldnt suck, okay? Yeah. So if you dont mind keep adding poems because this is a good idea!

The poem was about a dude visiting a place where he had a first date with someone her just broke up with and meets her there if you couldnt tell... so... Bye!


Posted Nov 24, '12 at 6:00pm



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I don't like 1-D (one direction)
It's because I'm not a girl
And they're a boy band...

My feelings about 1D. xD