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Need flash help? Look here!

Posted May 31, '08 at 10:21pm



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Well, until recently, I was also a big noob at flash, well, I still am, but I've seen tons of topics about people asking "how to make games" and "how to do actionscript". So I thought I'd just give some tips here, and how I learned/am learning.

Watch his videos on flash. Easy, and basic.

2.Lee Brimelow-Gotoandlearn
Honestly, this is possibly the best place for flash tutorials. FTW.

3.Download Preloaders and Other .FLA files Online!
I figured out one of the best ways to learn actionscript is to download different flash files of the internet, such as the armorgames or newgrounds preloaders. Open them, then search around for interesting peices of code! It's great!

I hope I helped :P


Posted May 31, '08 at 10:44pm



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You can also just go to were theres over a hundred tutorials on flash game making

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